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I want to institute somewhat of a bet with my playing group. 10 push ups for the ball landing anywhere other than fairway or green. Will probably translate to about 200 push ups per round for me, lol.
I literally just bought a pair of adizero a couple of days ago. I found them on clearance at golfsmith and was wondering why they were on clearance already. Is it a specific type of adizero's because mine do not look like those and i think the sole does touch the ground. Here are some pics of mine, I hope these do not make marks like that because they are soooooooo comfortable.
I believe it is $50.00 in the mornings.
Hi from MA as well. I play Acushnet River quite often. Gorgeous course and cheap. $35 for 18 with a cart after 12 on weekdays and after 20 weekends. Anyone else play acushnet? Let me know.
Hello. I am a 33 year old Army veteran. I am from Southeast MA and just started playing golf last summer (2013). I average low 90's and just starting to put things together. I am looking to meet a few people local to me to play with this year. I usually play at Acushnet River Valley, The Whale, Rochester, Bungay Brook, and other courses within an hour of New Bedford. If anyone in the area would like to find a new person to add to their group or league let me...
New Posts  All Forums: