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Congratulations, that was an amazing 7 game series.
Well, the LA Kings appear to be snakebit now...Since I'm a lifelong BLACKHAWKS fan, I foresee another trip to the Finals for the Indian heads. The momentum has DEFINITELY turned back in Chicago's favor. Heck, even Keith Jones of NBCSN predicts a Blackhawk victory on Sunday. Anyone think differently?
Ram was a major brand in the late '60s, '70s and '80s. Tommy Armour was during the '80s and '90s.
Are they investment cast heads? If so, I believe they are probably not high end line clubs, but I could be wrong. Post some pics for us to see.
No, my '74's are Apex. The original Apex blade was released in 1972. Mine are the second year of the next generation of the Apex blade that ran from '73 - '78. Your avatar is an Apex II blade which I guess technically is the third generation of the Apex blade. I have a few of those sticks in my collection also, but not a full set. I also have a collection of Directors that were made from '74-'79 and they have some resemblance to a '73-'78 Apex blade.
'74 Apex and '87 Apex PC's are my faves...immediate response to a mishit...unmistakenable "click" when hit on the sweetspot!
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