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Over analysing your swing is a very common problem and causes the swing to feel tense because  the concious brain was not designed to move the muscles in the body and it can only effectively do one thing at a time, because of this too many swing thoughts can lead to tension and a lack of flow in the golf swing.  This video link below is titled, "How to remove the tension from your swing", but it is also a great way of focussing your conscious brain onto something non...
Thanks that's an interesting read, and I'll deifnaitely give it a try!  I think all of the info I quoted was from Peltz, including the multiplying your intial read by 2.5.  If I recall he once did a survey at a big amateur event in the U.S. and gave 1000 golfers(I cant remember the exact number), 3 different putts to hit of varying distances and slopes and 85-90% of them under borrowed and missed on the low side of the hole.  He classified these people as apex putters...
I'm intrested to hear about how people read putts.  I'm an apex putter so when I read a putt I end up having to multiply my initial read by around 2.5 to get the correct line.  I would then pick a point on this line around 18 inches past the hole and focus on this point as I putt.  Does anyone else do this or something different?
In the video I don't think i said to actively role your forearms over, I said that if you swing at baseball height the forearms with naturally rotate over caused by gravity making that happen
No problem, some valid points made! I try to get the feeling that my right hand is staying on top of the grip in this waist position, so that when at waist height in the downswing the club face is parallel to my spine angle.  This pushing down with the right hand extends the right arm into impact which then leads to the release and rotation of the forearms into the follow through.  I hope I've said that right lol!  Please go easy on me haha
Having reviewed the video I've noticed that I've made a couple of mistakes with regard to the classification of the shot through a lack of release, calling it a slice not a push or push slice and you are correct that a slice is caused by an over the top move(out to in swing plane with an open club face.  I will edit the video in relation to this point.  Thanks for the feedback
Thanks for the info on ball flight, I will pass my comments on it later as it is a lot to digest!! With regard to the release...... For me, I start the release just before impact, by "through swing" I mean, rotatating and extending the right arm from around waist height on the downswing "through impact" bringing the club into a square position then after impact the forearms will then fully rotate (release) and extend. So I don't see the problem with this drill as it...
Thanks for your comments even if a little blunt.  The last time I checked, swing path normally dictates the direction that the ball starts on, club face causes the spin on the ball, ie. closed face = right to left,  open face = left to right spin.  Think you might want to check your ball flight laws out.  Secondly, don't the forearms rotate during the through swing?  I think practically every golfer on the world stage does it apart from maybe Zach Johnson who has a very...
Quite often, an inabilty to release the club can be caused by the hips opening up too quickly on the downswing, this can often occur more with the longer clubs as we all try to hit them harder.  Try this drill, it will firm up the left hip through impact and help you to release the golf club as you swing through.      
Try this drill, in my opinion, it gets the best results with my clients    
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