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Shanks occur when the club moves too close to the ball on the downswing, possible causes are   1) You are holding the lag angle too much and coming from the inside too much   2) You are coming over the top   3)You are casting from the top of the swing losing the lag too soon and flipping the club over on impact   4)You are moving your upper body closer to the ball on the back swing, not achieving a deep enough hip turn   :)
sounds like your coming too much from into out either with a square face or a closed face in relation to that path
In my experience, having a cupped wrist at the top would typically be caused by a weak grip or a grip where the left thumb position was too pinched backwards where as a bowed left wrist at the top would be caused by a strong grip or a grip with a long left thumb.  Are you fanning the club open on your takeaway as this can often lead to a cupped position at the top?        
To implement and make changes to golf swings can take 1000's of balls for some, others can pick it up quicker.  The average golfer probably plays and practices once a week at best, they'll obviously be exceptions to this.  I think that unless you can commit to at least 3 hours of practice a week(at least one of these hours with a pro that knows what they're doing), you will find it difficult to make significant changes to your swing and you're better of going for a more...
Eureka, got it....finally!!     Understood, makes sense, thanks!
It's been 4 years since I read this book but thought it was an informative read and even tried the techniques whilst coaching some of my clients with mixed success.  I would personally say that having tried both the one and two plane swings, one was too steep and the other too flat.  Also, if you look at most guys on tour these days they do a combination of the two, but certainly from the perspective of understanding what steepens and flattens the mechanics of the golf...
Eureka, got it....finally!!
so with a pull draw the same could be said   Club face to target - Closed Club face in relation to path - Closed Path into ball - out to in or in to out
Nicely explained, thanks!
Just a quicky on the push fade shot under the new ball flight laws         If I understand correctly, the push fade could be caused by different swing paths into the ball   Clubface in relation to target -  open Clubface in relation to path   -  open Path into ball - could be in to out or out to in?     Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: