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I've been searching all over the Internet for an answer to this but I can't seem to find one When you're hitting a draw do you line up square with the target and swing to the right, causing the ball to start right and come back or... Do you aim at the line you want the ball to start and close the face to have it draw back to your target?
Hey everyone,        The other day I saw a training program from the pro tour golf college website (www. protourgolfcollege .com/elite-golfer-improvement-system.html) and I was wondering if anyones tried it and have had success with it.  I don't want to drop $100 for something that isn't worth it.  By the way, if anyone has had success with some other type of program, I'd be curious to hear about it because I'm really serious about improving this coming season.  Thanks!
Hey guys, I would really recommend the fitness blender golf workout. It incorporates balance, strength, and flexibility all into one workout.
Thanks for the advice everyone, really helped me out!
Hey guys, I'm tring to decide between getting a set of bladed irons or a set of players irons such as the ap2s. Right now I'm around a 10 handicap but I practice almost every day and want to improve as much as possible. I've heard that blades can help,improve your game if you are commited enough by providing feedback. I guess I'm wondering if a set of irons like the ap2s would also give me lots of feedback and help me out. By the way, i like to shape the ball a lot.
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