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I've told you where your problem is, you video your swing all the time, you get instruction, surely you can work it out. BTW it'll show up more face on, however, the results of it can be clearly seen in your take away which is why it is so obvious. You're sort of on the right track re: left arm away from body, but you're trying to fabricate a workaround rather than fixing the cause. I'm not going to tell you any more, you work it out. If you need help, go and read Nick...
Man, you're never going to get the club into the position you want with that setup. You're error in your setup is extremely obvious.
I don't think the hcp system is the problem. It's more to do with the fact that golf is played differently in various countries. I would guess that 90% of play by golfers with a hcp is played in what the USA calls a tournament, in Australia. 
The question has been raised many times in the circles in which I conduct business, the issue itself is not what I'm passionate about, understanding all points of view in regard to the future of golf is what I'm passionate about. 
That pretty much sums up as to why I started the thread. At the Olympics a Golf Pro may compete whereas a Pro Boxer can't!  The lines between amateur and professional are continually being blurred. Did you know that under the present amateur status rules an amateur golfer may receive payment for giving a golf lesson?
So who's going to represent USA for golf at the Olympics? An Amateur, A Professional or a Golfer?   What about all the young amateur guys following a path to becoming a great golfer? You don't think they should be able to receive payment if they're good enough? So golf should stay as it is, all the top players come through a system which is largely built upon having wealthy parents to support the up and coming golfers of tomorrow? Please don't distort the last statement,...
I think you'll find the reason why you won't find anything is because the USGA is the governing body for the amateurs, so I guess it is assumed it applies to amateurs.   The R&A is the governing body where I'm from: http://www.randa.org/en/Playing-Golf/Handicapping.aspx
?????? Who said I want to do that? Oh and by the way, that's what hcps are for- to level the playing field. A pro can't have a recognised hcp.  Erik, are you a member of the US PGA?
It seems to me that golf has matured far beyond what the original amateur/professional status rules were designed for.  Why shouldn't an amateur be able to accept prizemoney in Tournament (obviously no hcp ie off the stick)? Why shouldn't a "Pro" be able to have a hcp and play in amateur events? Is it time for the governing bodies of the game to have a rethink?   Discuss
The poll is a thinly veiled loaded question as to whether Jack's 20 is better than Tigers 17, you might have well asked," who's the GOAT", which there is already a thread about. If the purpose of the thread was to prove how much better golfers are today, why not ask that? There is no right or wrong answer to the poll, it's purely a personal opinion, however, there is a correct definitive answer to the purpose of your thread.
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