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I know, but you should.
You have my details if you want to ask the relevant questions.
What are the approx H and W dimensions of the book? Is it full colour print?
 @cipher I am very impressed with this break through. I had a quick look at where your swing has come from and to get to that position you've achieved above right is a credit to you. I appreciate the camera angles are different, but man, in all seriousness, the difference is huge. Well done, bottle those thoughts!!!!
The reason why many golfers struggle off the tee is loft. As the loft decreases so increases the obliqueness of the hit, essentially meaning that swing/contact errors will be highlighted more.Not so long ago, the only guys who teed off with a driver were pros, everyone else used a 2 or 3 wood. Since the advent of metal woods and oversize heads there has been an explosion in the amount of golfers using drivers. Sure some will say,"yeah but the heads bigger, it's weighted...
Damn, you beat me to it, lol. @nickolasjt , I've experienced what you're talking about, but in reverse sort of..I hit the ball better when I could see my shadow at a certain angle. I sort of worked out that my focus must be slightly changing my head and neck position and that's what was making the difference. I began thinking how much truth is there to the saying about "focus on the back of the ball" or "focus on a dimple on the back of the ball", I don't know, maybe good...
Hey JP, I get where you're coming from. That pretty much sums my golf up these days- go and have fun, go for every pin, every Par 5 is eagle opportunity, it's not smart, but it's a hell of a lot of fun! My golf these days is more about playing with a group of mates for money. In the games we play the only important thing is who wins the cash, our individual 18 hole scores are not even discussed nor relevant.
Fair enough, please disregard my comments, my apologies.
 I have no idea why you're directing this comment at me, I have not suggested anything about rolling wrists.   Sorry, didn't think I needed to explain my terminology. Obviously I meant closed to the path.  @Ernest Jones, if I told you that you need to weaken your grip and work on completely releasing the club, would it help you or hinder you?
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