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Haha. Yeah, maybe you get to share with Miss Creamer or Gulbis at that price as they prepare for their major.
Thanks again Nevets. I'm getting excited already. The Presidents Cup in Melbourne was awesome, but I'm sure this will eclipse it.
Thanks heaps golf guy. Much appreciated. I've purchased my weekend tickets now so the most important thing is also sorted.
Thanks heaps nevet88 for the advice. Yeah I know, I should jump to it asap.
Hi guys,    I'm new here. Sorry if there is already a thread on this but i am having massive problems trying to sort out going to the US Open in June 2014.   I'm an Australian who will be holidaying and heading to the 2014 US Open at Pinehurst. I have booked the nearest hotel i could find which is in Raleigh. I intend to go on Saturday and Sunday and will buy the tickets from the USGA website for $135 each day, which is all good.   My big question is - will there...
New Posts  All Forums: