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Ha i found close to 5000 balls at the course i play found them in 3 months sold most of them about a third of them were provs and tour balls i have a different club that buys all my found balls do what you want to with them like give some away i give some high school balls all the time my ball hunting will come to a close after this week as they are closing the course to redo it for almost 2 yrs hit them straight Tim
you will get better but you need to work on your short game 70-80 per cent of the time
same for a low hook with them even put some lead tape under the grip at the top to counter it ended up selling them and getting the xhots 3 wood and a ping i20 hybird best thing i did check out the xhot and 2xhot
  i had a sister play on the LPGA  for 25 yrs not boring at she made closr to 8 mil playing had about 10 hole in ones in tournaments boring naaaaaa fun to watch the girls play
 i have seen him on a couple other sites
i made a few changes this winter on clubs also took out the taylormade stage2 3 wood and 5 wood also a taylormade hybird put in a 3 ad 4 callaway xhot woods and a ping 4 iron hybirdi like what he said to do with your old clubs putting them in a 70s bag i have some old 60s hogens irons and woods im going to look around for a old baghope you find some good clubs that fit you wellTim
mine is a shot on a 165 yrd par 3  almost went in
i play by myself most of the time i get out to the course about 1 when it is slow first i will practice some then go out and play  i can hit a few balls on each shot  play with a group on most weeks if they are playing not much for weekend golf as it is so busy but will play in tournaments on weekends
hello i also have a sm cart i use a sm light weight cart bag
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