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Most rounds are played by the rules.  I do play some rounds that have a "pick it up" rule or allows lift/clean/place.   In a Stableford competition, we pick-up after the bogey stroke to speed up play.  Those rounds are not posted for handicap purposes. Certain competitions have a double-par max score.  
Dunno what you call it other than an animated gif
I have the SM Speed Cart V1 and an older model SM Four5 carry bag.  The bag weighs in at 5.5 lbs, a bit heavy for a carry bag, but has individual club dividers. Yes, the bag does twist a bit when on the cart; no biggie, I have more important things to occupy my mind while playing. The bag is not loaded down - probably a dozen balls, tees, etc and a rain jacket.  Add a bottle of water to the necessities, please. I generally use the cart during warmer/hot weather. I found...
 I got my first (only) ace on the 7th hole.     Stopped in at the turn and had a shot of bourbon.    I double-bogeyed the 10th.    Lesson learned.   
1- Having been through this sort of thing, I have used a hybrid or a fairway metal where there is not a dramatic elevation change between the lie of the ball and of the putting surface.  Using a putting stroke, I eliminate the thin and chunked shots.  You would be surprised how quickly you can pick this up on-course, then head to the practice area for work as recommended by others. 2- As for the cause, I offer this mis-quoted wisdom from The Yogi of Berra: "Ninety percent...
Just an old guy that is new to this site sayin' Hi.     .
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