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The Donald is miffed with the LPGA for saying some things he did not like. In a letter to LPGA President Mike Whan, Trump took the LPGA to task for their stance on DT's now infamous comments. After noting his support for the LPGA, Trump magnanimously stated would let the LPGA out of its contract to hold the Ricoh Women's Open at Trump Turnberry. Uhhh... Donald... The Ricoh women's Open is a Brit event, run by the Ladies Golf Union. It isnot run by the LPGA. You...
Shattered Sword: The Untold Story Of The Battle Of Midway.- Parshall & Tully. Actually the 4th time I have read this book.
Most times I do not have a playing partner; this is a consequence of most of my rounds being played as a walk-on after work. Play most of my rounds on foot, thus, the cart guy does is not grumbling about me keeping him late. I also play 2-3 rounds a week, and enjoy the opportunity to play with others.
The antics of the 208th player on the OWGR (at least the last time I checked) such as f-bomba and the annoying dropping the cub over his shoulder rates #1 in egregious behavior. Club tosses by the current #1 on the OWGR is #2. Jordan Speith's deprecating remarks rank Way Way Way Down And Maybe Even A Whole Lot Lower Than Here.
Shot 80 today, the ugly way. Par is 71. Shot level par (first time EVER) on the front nine. Slogged my way to 9 over for the back 9. Being 7 over for 5 holes sunk any hope for a personal best.
I was B-fit for Bridgestone E-6 golf balls. Jordan Speith -8 Ricky Fowler -8 Justin Rose -8
Most rounds are played by the rules.  I do play some rounds that have a "pick it up" rule or allows lift/clean/place.   In a Stableford competition, we pick-up after the bogey stroke to speed up play.  Those rounds are not posted for handicap purposes. Certain competitions have a double-par max score.  
Dunno what you call it other than an animated gif
I have the SM Speed Cart V1 and an older model SM Four5 carry bag.  The bag weighs in at 5.5 lbs, a bit heavy for a carry bag, but has individual club dividers. Yes, the bag does twist a bit when on the cart; no biggie, I have more important things to occupy my mind while playing. The bag is not loaded down - probably a dozen balls, tees, etc and a rain jacket.  Add a bottle of water to the necessities, please. I generally use the cart during warmer/hot weather. I found...
 I got my first (only) ace on the 7th hole.     Stopped in at the turn and had a shot of bourbon.    I double-bogeyed the 10th.    Lesson learned.   
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