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By doing what the video shows is the back leg straitening on the back swing and how much should the left shoulder go down before it turns.
anyone will do they are all the same. 
Go to you tube and do a search for pump drill for golf
Will the pump drill help with both Driver and Fairway shots?
While on vacation my wife noticed that my shoulders and hips were open while hitting balls at a range. She told me to close my stance some and everything lined up and I was hitting the ball at the target and not pulls to the left. Is it ok to have a closed stance to line up correctly?
I have tried this and the shaft in the ground at a 45 degree angle . Funny thing about this I never hit either item.
Does anyone have any drills to eliminate pull hooks from an over the top move? This move is started by an inside takeaway.
Thanks for all the helpful advice. I will see which one helps the best.    The reply from Four putt was the one that hit home.  
I have been dealing with an inside takeaway and over the top move for a period of time. I have tried to correct based on info. from you tube to no success. This has become such a problem that golf is no longer fun for me to the point that I am considering giving up the game. Does anyone have any advice that will help solve the problem and keep me playing this great game that I have enjoyed in the past.
I have been dealing with an inside takeaway and an over the top move that has caused me to greatly consider giving up the game. I have tried the box outside the right of the ball, by the way I never hit it. There are other tips I have tried to no help. Can anyone give me some help before I give up the game.
New Posts  All Forums: