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Thanks, I will work on my swing. Do you think I need to move to a R Flex shaft to get to the numbers you suggested.
Saeve125, I do have an over the top move that comes form in my opinion of trying to swing to fast.   Could you give me what a better launch angle would be, and smash factor. From what I read from you you are not suggesting I go to a R Flex.
I am torn between what shaft flex I should be playing. I went through a Bridgestone ball fitting on 6/15/2011 and had the following results.   Swing Speed 98.0 MPH Ball Speed 133.8 Launch Angle 1.2 Back Spin 3,197 RPM   These were with the use of a Callaway 9.0 degree driver with a stiff shaft.   Since then I have purchased a 10.5 degree Cobra AMP with a stiff shaft. I hit this club with a slight draw. My misses seem to be a pull hook.   I will tun 66 at the end...
Just looking for input on the following. Should I take a lesson before looking at buying new equipment or should I purchase based on a fitting that would have swing problems.
I have seen it on video.
I have noticed that my hip rotation stops before I get to impact and I slide forward  more to the target from that point in my downswing. Could this be the cause of my swing path from the outside?
Thanks for the info. I will work on the advice given over the winter.
I was measured by Bridgestone at their ball fitting and these were the results:   Clubhead speed 98.0 MPH   Ball Speed 133.8   Launch Angle 12.2   Backspin 3,197 RPM   Any thoughts on how I can possibly reduce my backspin rpm"s.   Also I have a slight over the top move on the downswing.
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