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Congrats! Great accomplishment! I imagine it is like everything else. The first time is the hardest. Hope there are many more for you!    I have been close but not yet. 2 over is my best.
Played my local on Saturday. Shot a very consistent 74. Everything was working. Tried a change to my driver swing it worked great! amazing how much easier it is when you are in the fairway. Burned the edges on 6 holes and lipped out on 3 birdie putts. If a few of those would have fell it would have been a new low round for me.
Very cool! the fun is just beginning! Enjoy every minute of it because before you know it he is 16, constantly beating you and too cool to play with pops anymore.
I agree the AP1 712's are a great set. Just bought a used set for my son. Very forgiving club. I play ping i20's but could very easily switch over to the AP1's after trying his.
I have been playing for 25+ years and have never had one. My son and I played a Fathers day round on Saturday and he got his first one on the 7th hole 160 yds of one of the local courses we play. He is 16 yrs old and has been playing off and on since he was 6. Very cool Fathers day round. Although I really want one.
Last Saturday my son and I played the back nine at our local real early. Both of us shot even for the 9. Proud day for dad! Only a matter of time before he is consistently shooting lower than me. But the highlight hole was my nemesis hole the 14th. It is a 292yd par 4. has water to tee off over and hazard all down the left side and tree line on the right. For some reason I usually pull my tee shot into the hazard on the left. Seems to get me every time. Doesn't matter if...
Jordan Spieth -4 Martin Kaymer -3 Ricky Fowler   -3
I have the i20's and the offset is progressive. Very little offset in the PW/9i and the offset gets progressively larger into the longer irons. I really like the way they are set up. Certainly makes the longer irons easier to hit.   BTW I love the i20's. From what I have read and seen there is not much difference between the I20 and i25. 
Well said Dave S!
For me it is driving off the tee. If I am swinging well I score well but more time than not I have to revert back to a 4 iron off the tee. I really need to get fitted for driver and three wood shafts. It seems I am always trying to change my swing to fit the club and that rarely works.
New Posts  All Forums: