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That's why in op I stated to use pvc drain pipe ( 1&1/2 "x 12" ) around the grip when you first blow it to keep it from ballooning.
 Probably many here know this trick already, but I've been a golfer and do it yourself club repairer for a long while and only learned this about a year ago. You need an air compressor and a little air gun attachment ( got a trigger on it and a small tip, find at harbor freight or many auto parts stores ) also a length of pvc drain pipe about a foot long and diameter of one and a half inches ( this you put over the grip to keep it from ballooning ). You put the shaft in a...
Read that long read too. At first I was Curious but then facinated. At the end I don't know wth to think about the putter but the story was facinating and tragic. I'm playing a retriever putter now called a Gaim putter. It's a solid good putter even tho some think it's gimicky. And really wanting to try another I browsed called the O putter. Hey if it works it works.
I've tried pings, Callaways (hawkeye), yonex, Titlest 962's. My fav. came on a lark buy on craigs list for $125 for the ta 6's. They are purest I've used. just recently thought I'd upgrade these and bought a set of Cleveland CG7's thinking that newer tech might be better. Gave them 2 weeks and sold em. I'm sticking with TA 6's. What's yours? and why?
Wanting to try one.  
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