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I posted before how I enjoyed the show and I did, very much........ but the thing I came away with was THIS IS A GOOD MAN, plain and simple, that fact A GOOD MAN, we see on here the posts who is the greatest golfer..... Jack/Tiger...... ok.... I would put it like Trevino did, aint neither one of them Arnold Palmer
Enjoyed it very much, Mr Palmer accomplished so much, used golf to touch so many lives, as someone else said " talk about role models" I don't know how many times during the shows, I said to my wife, " hey did you know, I never knew he, or hey check this out" Looks likethe are doing something on Payne Stewart in June
Loved this episode, +1 fan for Mr Furyk
Matt Kucher -9   Jordon Spieth -7   Jason Day -9
Could not disagree more......... I think the young talent is great, these guys are not being given the chance to play in the masters..... They earned it,  As for the finish yesterday.... Best I've seen in some time, Guy charged all day and made an awesome shot to win in a playoff, Yeah I guess that sucks..... freakin please,  Do the " Stars " need to step it up.... yeah looks like they better or they may not be stars for long,
Those look and sound great,
I remember seeing a story a few years back about a lady at a Yankee's game that took a line drive foul to the face, messed her up pretty bad, multiple plastic surgery to repair the damage, she was on her own, Yankee's were under no legal obligation to help with the med bills
As I stated in an above post, my son is 7, we spend a lot of time on the golf course, what I didn't mention is that he has a cognitive learning disability, it was actually his idea to start playing, I had played a little years before his birth, not enough to really make any progress but enough to know that I was going to be totally addicted, one sunday afternoon we are watching football and they show guys playing golf, he looks up and says " Dad, can we try golf " to which...
that is great, thank you for sharing........ My son is 7 and I absolutely love the time he and I share playing this wonderful game, for me and my dad it was hunting........... thanks again
Bubba then Poulter in a close second
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