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I'm no where near a pro and will bend the rules for the sake of not making myself more frustrated.   Such as, hit it in the desert?  I'll move it to the rough.  I don't get free clubs like the pro's, I'm not going to damage them by hitting off of hard dirt/gravel/whatever.  Or if I have to contort myself around an object?  No thanks, I'd rather move it out a bit so I can stand there and hit a real shot.  If there are trees, I'll lay up into the fairway and what not, I'm...
I ride all the time.   I don't have a push cart, so I'd have to carry my bag and that would tire me out too much (esp. when playing during the Summer in 110F+ temps).  I'm also prone to very sore knees/legs after walking a lot (due to knee surgeries, etc.)... and I'm only 28 years of age, so that's a big reason I ride.  It makes it more enjoyable for me.     I get enough exercise walking/running to my ball up hills, in the rough, etc. as is...
- Fix my slice with my driver/woods/hybrids. - Gain consistency throughout my game. - Ball control on the green (I want to be able to pin it close to the pin more often than not) - Shoot low 80's, then into the 70's. - Meet people my age that enjoy golf and to just play more.
I usually play with a buddy of mine, and some guys he used to work with (older gentleman).   It's amazing how few people my age play golf, but it's also the part of town I live in - an older part, and there aren't any younger golf groups (that I can find) in the Valley.       Every now and again I'll go solo/with whomever they pair me up with.
Local gov't IT.
Hello everyone.  I'm Kevin, 28, and I'm from Phoenix, the land of ten million (probably an exaggeration) golf courses that we can play year-round.  I've been golfing for a long time, at some point it did get down to once or twice a year though, but the past two to three years I have been trying to get out at least two to three times a month.   I'm probably an average golfer, though I've recently purchased new clubs and and am trying to fix my swing (slice with my...
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