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I didn't come here To brag. I simply was telling my background and where I came from. So there is no need for ignorance. I just wanted some advice on this matter.
Never had the privilege to play on the moon guys, but maybe invite me next time you go ;) Also there are easier majors. But they don't challenge me. And i love being challenged. I have an older brother that is a Computer/Electrical engineer. And i look up to him a lot. So thats why i decided engineering. And i'll give it a shot. The 28th i believe next month is the first one. So i'll be attending that one. I will keep you guys updated.
I've never had a coach... (Besides college) My highschool i played golf and won state. Got scholerships. But wasn't book smart... So i stopped college golf even though my coach told me not to. I don't have any local connects. I am from a town of 9,000 people i grew up on a farm learned everything myself through research.
I had to take 2 years off do to engineering school. But yes i played a couple of weeks ago and was still very good. More consistent which is funny. But i kept hooking the ball and i never knew why until i went to a head shop and it was because my driver's shaft was not right. I recently ordered a kranks golf club that is 3 inches longer than normal. Which is still legal. The guy sent the numbers to krank on my regular golf club and they were amazed as well. I'm 6ft 220...
Hello all! I am wondering about the long distance competitions. I am currently 24 years old. I've played golf since i was 3. I have played college golf but i have never tried to further it. I a still in the process of getting my education. Then i noticed on TV the re/max world long drive competitions. Well formally growing up i was fairly small. And my average drive would be about 285-300 yards. I am a former bodybuilder as well. And i decided to pick up golf again. But...
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