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here you go, I doubt the coaches of these programs fit your description. A HS program that generates 3 pro's, big names no, but never the less, something was taught there, coaches come in many flavors, perhaps one is technical, another is great at mental conditioning, another at teaching how to handle pressure. But you are right if BW had a swing coach, then that guy is the worst coach practicing, that is one ugly swing, but a very effective winning swing.  Amateur...
The only person modern times or least of any player of significance that makes such a claim is Bubba Watson, but I call that at least partial BS, as he played in HS (I think) and College, so I assume there was some coaching there and a  practice regimen etc. Its sort of laughable for him or others to claim "I've never had a pro lesson".   The right coach can help anyone, assuming said person is teachable/coachable.  
So, a bit of a twist here. My local club is what I will call quasi private, not a muni, and not a private CC. Its a course owned by Club Corp, the course is nice and well maintained, the family  membership is $400 per month, single $300, unlimited golf with cart and unlimited range balls, at three area courses, no initiation fee with a year commitment. Men's club is extra $99 per year I think, which get Handicapping and invites to 10 plus tournaments at the home course and...
Player-Caddy relationship, I believe in this case it's a one way deal, if his caddy would have replied " the club Is correct, but you can't hit behind the ball" and then they both smile wryly, then it would be a two way, and entertaining.
That is spot on.I don't like the way he handles himself, walks with a strut, ugly swing too. Cry baby all around.Even with that I picked him to win in the Masters Contest, my score was to low to take yet Cobra driver home though. Why did I pick him? Because his game is on now.Still not fan in any aspect.
I sure would like it if the PGA found a way to muzzle the hecklers, and the morons who yell something stupid after a tee shoot.
Why am I not surprised.
Bubba Watson -11 Zach Johnson -10 Jason Day-10
Bubba and his strut bug the me.   as well as people that can't keep their beliefs to themselves. Give it a rest, we don't care what you do or don't believe.
New Posts  All Forums: