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I've been using my phone,and the handicap's do not show on the mobile site...just thought id mention it.
So are both of you fellas saying your getting true value?considering his lessons are free on youtube! can i ask what do you both play off?..and do you both have your lead arm on top of your chest?
Hi again,I've still had trouble with the concept of the left arm on top of the chest,i really feel my arms aren't hanging from my shoulder's.so for that reason i feel as though i couldn't apply myself to Herman's way's...that said he is a great teacher with fantastic communication..i might look into rotaryswing again,although my game's in good shape at the moment and i really don't want any clutter in my head..all i think about these days is synchronized body and arms to...
I've changed too this grip recently and found that it works well if your arms are in sync with your body turn..i found when i got abit lazy in my swing,i would tend to hook the ball more so than a diagonal version of the grip!! i did question how well this grip would work,but the proof is in the pudding😉iam really not a fan of crossfield,he has some great ideas..but he's far to technical to the point of showing off,and for me,if he was as good as he makes out he would be...
This is why I've been asking the question,does it really work??..it seems far too simple!! i do agree with your left shoulder blade theory,makes sense..but surely then your swing would become controlled by your shoulder blades alone?.iam still looking for the teaching method that i can trust and relate too.Herman Williams seems the best to me on youtube,followed by meandmygolf.
Hi,thanks for the information,it sound's to me as though they string it out too keep you coming back,and make money from yourself..theirs so many instructors out there you just don't know who too trust with your game..if you know anyone out there,on the internet or youtube let me know 😉
LOL,if you look on youtube on the rotaryswing channel.type in takeaway,and all will be revealed..basically it's a swing thought!let me know what you think of it😏
Hi,so are you saying that in the beginning everything worked?,like there reasons for shoulder blades back?.also what's your opinion on the two inch takeaway,I've give it a go and it works for me,but that was a few shot's at the range! i was more interested in what you thought with been a member?I've been tempted myself but haven't took the plunge as yet.
How can you say it won't work when you haven't seen him swing? how can you see what is wrong or right from the 2D photos provided..hence me pointing him in the direction of good instruction and training aids!!
Hi,I've got to say i disagree with some of these comments,on the right hand especially!! but what i will say,is watch what your doing when taking advice..there is no real set way to grip a golf club,i do agree with the heal pad always being on top of the grip.this will help the club hinge up,2nd don't go to much on v's you can still get it wrong,and with knuckles these are just reference points..they are alot of people teaching different thing's out there,butch Harmon...
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