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I play clubs with lite flex except for my lob wedge which I don't use that often. I'm thinking of buying a used 7 wood which adjusts to a 23 loft. It's a regular flex. I hit it pretty well, but I'm concerned that if I use it fairly often, it will throw off my timing with other clubs. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Hi,   I'm coming up on my first year of golf. I've had a few lessons and practice regularly. The only consistent club I can count on is my driver. For a while I was hitting longer irons and hybrids straight, but now they are hooking to the left. Pitching comes and goes. Why are my driving range practices so much better than when I am out on the course? Do you golfers out there find consistency?
Has anyone used Black Magic wedges?
I'm having trouble with shorter pitches (10-40 yards). I've been using my gap wedge. I'm wondering if there is a better club to use for this. I've noticed that when I chip with an eight iron, I have more control. I'm wondering if I should use a less lofted club for pitching. Also, where is ball placement on a pitch?
I'm hitting my driver around 200. I hit my 4hybrid around 160-165 when I make good contact. I'm looking for a club to hit around 180 from the fairway. I haven't hit a fairway wood since I started (less than a year ago) because I made bad contact and it was a cheap club. Would a three hybrid work as well as a fairway wood or are more expensive fairway woods more forgiving? Any suggestions ?
The flat left wrist video is really helpful. Thanks!!   Oneyear
All things being equal, how much longer does a 3 hybrid hit from a 4 hybrid?
I've been playing for less than a year and score between 90-100.   Mizuno jpx ez hybrids or Mizuno jpx ez fli hi, which are better for a higher handicapper?   What about a set of Callaway X hot (2013)?  
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