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  In retrospect I would be better off getting rid of the right one. That way my weight will be slightly more forward at impact. Unless of course it just rolls over into to middle, I'll have to consult Lance regarding that.
For 40 more yards I'd do a lot of things   1. Eat a leather shoe. 2. Attend some sort of religious services. 3. Give away my left nut   etc,etc   I could only hope for such a deal.
Interesting but caddies vary quite a bit when it comes to actual golfing ability. Would mini tour drop outs turned caddy dominate or would amateur status come in to play as well? I know they have a championship for the PGA teaching pros but even that is not too exciting, just something to fill in the tv schedule on an off week.
A driver that is too light is harder to control but a heavier driver may lose speed. Also effects tempo.
Full Swing   Early or late wrist cock in backswing?   Equipment   Static weight? Swing weight?
Not everyone can get a full 90* of shoulder turn. You are likely making compensations to move the shoulder into the spot you believe it should stop. Do some slo mo swings and try to feel for the true limit of your shoulder turn.
Jenna Coleman  
Yeah, range of motion. Just look at Jason Zuback the dude is huge and flexible.
If your yardages are going down then you are doing something wrong. But unless you are bigger than some of the long drive guys the issue will be with ROM,not bulk.
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