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I have an old Controller driving iron that I will break out on occasion. 12.5 degrees of loft. Certainly not a stroke saver but the feeling of hitting a low missile into a strong breeze is enough to dig it out of the basement once in a while.
 I had a tag split on my 9 iron and I got them at the start of the year.
I think you're just flat out wrong there. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/19/world/asia/chinas-crackdown-on-corruption-targets-golf-a-sport-for-millionaires.html?_r=0 Edit: looks like everybody beat me to it.
Terrible article. They didn't include any of the real stereotypes I see.   1. The machine gun. Only hits driver and is hitting the next ball before previous even lands. 2. The mutterer. Berates himself every time his bad swing hits a bad shot. 3. Mr. extra innings. Dude who always tries to sneak a few balls off the first 10ft of grass and won't leave until he ends on a good one. 4. Blind leading the blind. 30hc telling his beginner friend he needs to"really roll those...
Congrats on the milestone! I've still got a long ways to go but maybe I'll see you in 10k club some day.
I don't think the population of China is as relevant as you make it. China has had a dominating chunk of world population for most if not all of recorded history. Money is definitely an important factor but the big difference between the U.S and China is our absolute obsession with sports. You see many families over here sacrifice everything on the chance their kid will become an elite athlete. I doubt Asia even has any real junior development programs, junior am tours,...
 A strong group of Asian players in the pro ranks is a necessary first step to Asia become the center of golf.  Until that happens none of the tournaments over there are going to matter. Sure, sponsors could throw a lot a money out there to entice some top players from the US and Europe but who are they going to play against?
I'm not sure less is possible. I'm still squinting at the photos on a 32" monitor.
New Posts  All Forums: