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I remember reading somewhere that they did this inside some warehouses following the second world war. Though they weren't full size, the indoor aspect was a real benefit. I don't think doing it outdoors would be that great an idea but I would certainly give it a shot.
Get a set of left handed clubs and turn them around for a right handed shot. Impossible to shank this way. As far as real advice, get your left hip around and behind you sooner to create the space necessary for your arms and the club.
I played the taylormade rac coin forged blades (2003 version) back when I was I high school. Also bought the rac tp mb blades (2005 version w/ smoke finish) last year because it was cheaper than getting my old ones reshafted with X100s. Now you and I would probably benefit from something with a little more forgiveness and playability out of the rough but we all know a new set of irons won't be game transforming. My only concerns with these particular irons would be 1. If...
What sort of set are you currently using? How much of an upgrade do you think it would be over your current set based on their features?
No need to waste 25 bucks on some clips and cards. Make your own at home. Design them on the computer, print, and beef them up as you see fit.
You are NEVER supposed to take a divot on a practice swing. As a golf course worker and as a golfer i find the mere thought of it appalling. Please respect the course.
@RJH999 This is how I watched season 6 http://www.couchtuner.eu/parks-and-recreation/    Thank me later; though you'll end up waiting longer for season 7
No fairway wood can give you the best of both worlds. I suggest trying some lead tape low and back on the larger head to help with the flight off the ground or find a hybrid with a deeper face.
  Last place thus far but my wireless router is pretty lame. I will plug in my network cable and give it another shot.     EDIT: tried the network cable and still the same result. Didn't realize I lived in a third world country.
Probably okay but why risk it if they don't have any good deals on the site? Whatever you are looking for you could likely get it cheaper somewhere else.
New Posts  All Forums: