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  I don't think it really has to do with people being knowledgeable or not. Most normal people don't believe themselves to be Jason Zuback, even the most green of beginners. There was a caddy at the course I work at who despite being a decent golfer and being plenty exposed to the game was convinced he could hit his 3 iron 280 "if he really got a hold of it" and figured his swing speed to be 120's/ 130's with the driver. He was convinced of all this despite the fact I...
Ugh, wished I lived in a warm climate for this. Really wanted to try the e5. Now back to the winter depression thread... 
I'm pretty sure he was saying it was a bare shaft with no head. With no weight or resistance I would think the dominant arm could swing faster without the slower arm holding it back. Both arms would certainly be faster if there were any real resistance to overcome.
 Who am I kidding? This is golf. Of course he believes it.
Trade in values are a ripoff even at 140%. If you've been taking care of your gear and it is not too old you ought to sell on craigslist/ebay. Especially craigslist because it is free. Though you still end up paying full retail which I wouldn't ever do.
Been thinking about starting evolvr this season. Can you upload a putting stroke, bunker shot, etc? Or full swing only?
You'll have to wait for the next new model to come out in sixth months before you can get a discount.
Noticed you created another thread with a similar message not too long ago. http://thesandtrap.com/t/77831/my-golf-experience#post_1069652 How many lessons/instructors have you gone through in total? How often do you practice versus play? Seems like you may have become a bit of a range rat. Working on the range is one thing but the handicap won't drop until you get a lot of rounds under your belt.   Also update your my swing thread
If you liked the amp cell irons, you won't find a better value out there. I've seen them going $250 for a new set online. You're likely to pay double that for any other new set made in the past 2-3 years. I've been thinking about getting them myself but I feel like they might have a little too much offset for my taste. Also some good deals on the Bio cell+ irons saw them for $270 but only for 5-pw instead of the 4-gw amp cell sets. Problem being I'd have to buy another...
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