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Well tomorrow is Memorial Day and I am anticipating a potentially slow round. The biggest issues I always see are1. Somebody in the group hits a bad tee ball and everyone wastes their time helping him search. I never join the search until I've played my second shot and encourage my playing partners to do the same.2. People don't know how to drive a cart,. Zig-zagging all over instead of dropping their partner off at his ball and going to play their own, parking in bad...
Would he really need a major swing change. I would think that with the amount of time he puts in on the range his swing would evolve a little bit and change as his body changes.
Fell off the wagon yesterday.   Had pretty much been sleep deprived and worn out all week. Fell asleep on the couch and the day was over. But I practiced again today, same drills I've been working on.
Very nice routine, Rory doesn't seem to waste a minute. Big difference between the warm and a practice session, Rory is just grooving along.
Well I found this while doing some searching.   http://www.pgatour.com/news/2014/01/28/memorabilia-used-scorecards.html   http://www.sbnation.com/golf/2012/4/6/2929395/2012-masters-scorecard-luke-donald-augusta-national-golf-club
Sounds like a minor face angle issue. I doubt the pushes could be that bad if you anywhere around +3.6
There doesn't appear to be any video
 Could you be a little more specific because your meaning is not entirely clear? I'm assuming you play right handed?
If they are both around the same cost the flexibility of more vehicles makes sense. You never know when something might not go according to plan, especially on trips.
More drilling into the net, success rate is going up but I feel I need to add a little variety.
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