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Not a good price. You can see from the one photo a couple of the short irons have brown spots on the face. The seller tries to hide the fact by not showing any detailed pictures of the clubfaces; always a warning sign in my book. On my local craigslist a guy has a much better set listed at $165 which hasn't sold in over a month. http://cnj.craigslist.org/spo/4727015119.html Patience is key on ebay. If you wait until after Christmas ebay will be flooded with new stuff that...
I have a more creative solution.   Go buy an 8 or 9 iron from a wide soled super game improvement iron set and swap it with your current 8 or 9 iron.  That way you don't have to drop a more versatile club from the bag for a specialty club, yet you will still have what is essentially a "chipper". Granted, it may take a shaft length adjustment to get the proper distance gaps within the iron set and a little lead tape for the proper feel around the greens but it could be an...
Yeah it was only about 100-125 yards away from the tee box. The creek runs up the entire right side of the hole.
Found this strange ball in the creek on hole #12 at my course.     Tried searching for them online but most of the sites are either in japanese or not helpful. Anybody really keen on golf ball rules know if this design is legal? I know the dimple pattern has to be symmetrical which it is, but are there any other rules regarding such designs? I will knock it around a bit sometime this week to see how it performs.
The 15th hole at Eagle Ridge is very similar hole to this one. I will go for it in two if I can get my drive in the right side of the fairway for a clear line to the green. If my drive lands anywhere else it is a lay up.
 My thoughts exactly. There probably isn't a single PGA Tour pro that lives in Denver. Plus being at elevation all the time will mess with your perception of distance.
  In retrospect I would be better off getting rid of the right one. That way my weight will be slightly more forward at impact. Unless of course it just rolls over into to middle, I'll have to consult Lance regarding that.
For 40 more yards I'd do a lot of things   1. Eat a leather shoe. 2. Attend some sort of religious services. 3. Give away my left nut   etc,etc   I could only hope for such a deal.
Interesting but caddies vary quite a bit when it comes to actual golfing ability. Would mini tour drop outs turned caddy dominate or would amateur status come in to play as well? I know they have a championship for the PGA teaching pros but even that is not too exciting, just something to fill in the tv schedule on an off week.
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