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 1. The golf swing is a powerful move, poor form can hurt you just the same a poor form lifting weights. I've seen elite weightlifters slip up using a weight they normally shouldn't have a problem with, but it happens. We just like to disregard pro golfers because the strains of their lifestyle are less obvious. Poor swings can lead to injury and injury can lead to poor swings.2. Oh how gracious of you.3. I guess it has be everyone or no one , doesn't it?
You obviously haven't played injured. Try playing 18 with a sore wrist and tell me you're not compensating somehow to protect it. 
Not really, the kind of injuries pros encounter are typically chronic injuries that flare up from time to time.  They are more likely to injure themselves when playing poorly because poor swings=poor mechanics=more compensations=more risk of injury
 Exactly, nobody on the bottom of the leaderboard is getting TV time or any attention from the gallery. (Except for the hole by hole coverage of Tiger shooting 75) They'd get cut on Friday anyway and we can forget about them.You do realize golfers typically play better when they are healthy, right?
 I don't think a draw will roll more with the irons. A push draw flies just as high as pull fade if not higher. Though it would likely roll more with the driver if you play a driver with too little loft.
Well I think the extra power you're sensing is more from better launch conditions. An inside out swing tends to sweep the ball more than and outside-in move so you're naturally going to get a higher launch and less spin which we all know equals more distance.
The guy who got on in two wins if he can get his putt inside the other guy for his third shot
If the ball is actually reflective I wonder if it will glare into your eyes when the sun is in the right spot. I think I'll stick with my yellow callaway supersofts for now.
1. Because even if you become the best putter in the the world you only gain a small advantage on the field. If you become the best ballstriker in the world you gain a bigger advantage on the field. 2. There are only 24hrs in a day, and since there simply isn't enough time to be the best at everything, you'll want to be the best at the most important aspect of the game.
Unless you're intentionally lining up the ball so it makes a mark on the face I think you are fine. I remember being paired up with an older guy who marked his balls with a rainbow of marker around them. He used one of those ball spinners to get the lines perfect. They looked like Easter eggs but it was never a question which ball was his.
New Posts  All Forums: