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Or just buy pants that fit right in the first place. Why would you buy pants that don't fit? But what do I know, I play with my shirt untucked and no belt half of the time.
I was B-fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑S golf balls Angel Cabrera -15 Martin Kaymer -15 Luke Donald -14
I never liked the idea of getting the ball rolling as soon as possible. If your landing area is only a few feet off the fringe you need only to land it a few feet short to make an error. I would think landing halfway between the start of the green and the pin would provide the greatest margin for error.
I always mark down GIR, FWs, and the number of putts I take for each hole as well as indicate which way I missed on my scorecard. I just use up the extra lines on the scorecard instead of creating my own. Seems like a good idea though as a consistent scorecard format would make it a lot easier to file them. For me, it is merely a tool for encouraging a mental awareness of what I'm doing but a new format might encourage me to actually calculate the trends in my game.
I've had a 64* wedge in the bag for 9 years and it has served me quite well. I use it for nearly all of my shorter bunker shots as well as pitches from 35 to 65 yards. Not a club you would want to take a full swing with though. A little thin and you could put yourself in real trouble.
Was my post deleted?
Al for me. Far more tough to post that kind of number with a balata ball that curves off line much more than today's modern balls.
Driver, 3 wood, and 3 iron are the only clubs I use off of the tee. I will occasionally swap out the 3 wood for a 5 wood for shorter courses. With my length I should probably get a hybrid to hit off the tee but my driver is my best club and I can't help but overuse it.
What's the name of the course? If it is in central NJ I've likely played there before.
Why would you get your shafts made longer than the fitting recommendation? Pretty much defeats the purpose of getting fitted in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: