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No fairway wood can give you the best of both worlds. I suggest trying some lead tape low and back on the larger head to help with the flight off the ground or find a hybrid with a deeper face.
  Last place thus far but my wireless router is pretty lame. I will plug in my network cable and give it another shot.     EDIT: tried the network cable and still the same result. Didn't realize I lived in a third world country.
Probably okay but why risk it if they don't have any good deals on the site? Whatever you are looking for you could likely get it cheaper somewhere else.
They add the green dye to the spray to see the spray pattern, this helps prevent missed passes or overlaps with the sprayer. We typically wash it in with the hose afterwards but it is able to dry as well. If it is staining your gear they probably added too much dye to the mix.
That was pretty impressive, especially from the face on view.
I've played forged irons for years. The soil in my backyard also has a few rocks here and there. When I practice in my backyard I use a extra 7 iron I have because every so often I will get a mark exactly like the one you have pictured. That seven iron is pretty gnarly looking now, you really have got to give credit to the golf courses for having such high quality soil that you rarely will get a mark like that out on the course. Sorry to here about your club though. I...
I would be surprised if golfsmith replaced things for cosmetic damage. I could only imagine buying a $400 driver and returning it the next day with a big ol pop up mark on the crown.
That's not the manufacturers fault. Forged irons are soft. If Mizuno had to replace an iron every time somebody clipped a rock they would be broke. Some accidents you just have to live with.
My guess is he didn't want to potentially lose a competition everybody was expecting him to win. Why risk his repputation as the long drive king of the PGA tour if he isn't getting anything out of it? Of course his little protest backfired because this makes him look a lot worse than he would if he didn't win.
 Was that with older balls as well? I think he just felt the need to ease back in order to catch that tiny sweet spot. But yeah it seems a bit low even then. I've heard Bobby Jones swing speed was estimated around 113mph based off of many examples of high speed footage and that was with hickory.
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