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If I am jumping on the first tee with no warm up I am going to continue aiming normally for the first couples of holes and see if things fix themselves once I've gotten loosened up a bit. I'll try to sneak in a few practice swings while waiting on my playing partners to hit their shots and to to find my feel for a good release.   If I can't shake my miss, which is normally an overdraw for me, I'll start aiming right and adjust accordingly as the round goes on.
Managed to give the whole game a bit of a workout today   20 minutes pitching and chipping 10 minutes putting 20 minutes hitting into the net
Pretty much anything that contributes to slow play. Was stuck behind a foursome of walkers with pushcarts and they all walked together in a little clump, watching and waiting for each guy hit his shot instead of walking off to their own ball. Had to force my way through after being them for a couple of holes.
Worked on getting my wrists into a better position through the backswing. Some very deliberate swings into the net for about twenty minutes before I headed out to the course.
Always carried when I was I school because I had to for team matches but started using a push cart soon after finishing cool. It just makes the round a little more enjoyable and I can carry a few more items in the cart style bag just in case. It was always a pain taking inventory of the carry bag before going out to play so you wouldn't end up carrying more than you need.
 Well for one, hardpan really isn't going to give you any true turf interaction for a good comparison. You are also talking about a combo set. The short irons are always going to take a bit more of a divot and be better out of the rough than a mid or long iron, blade or no-blade.
Did a few drills hitting into my net, working through some positions in the swing. Also fiddling with the grip a bit as it seems to have creeped into a little bit stronger position than I like.
 If that was the case, Phil wouldn't be living in California.
Yeah, nobody seems to collect old golf clubs, and the ones that do only want the truly ancient hickory stuff. Everything else becomes scrap or a decorative item.
I guess I'll ask the obvious question, where are all the extra strokes coming from? Bad driving, short game, duffing irons, three putts, etc? If it seems like everything is off it is probably a mental issue. Junior golfers tend to over correct every time they hit one poor shot instead of playing with the game they have. You may want to read this just to get some perspective, a real eye opener....
New Posts  All Forums: