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 Well handicap is more a measure of potential ability than actual ability so it makes sense that a shorter hitter would need to work harder to be single digit than a longer hitter because distance brings more potential opportunities.
Funny how the news station makes this look like a new story when I remember seeing talk about it last year.  http://thesandtrap.com/t/76875/fling-golf
A pull draw is going to go a bit longer with the short irons because the club is a bit more delofted so the slight loss of yardage is normal. The right shoulder does down move downward in the downswing but it really depends on how you interpret that sensation. A swing video would be necessary to determine if you were overdoing it or not.
Not sure about that, short hitters can't reach many GIR on a 7000+ yard course and there really isn't anything they can do about. The longer hitter can avoid the trees by playing more conservatively off the tee. I believe the bigger issue is that a lot off the bigger courses mow the rough too low in an attempt to speed up play and the course ends up playing a lot easier than its rating.
If this happened at my course I would personally hunt down the perpetrator and force feed him a dozen Titleists.
Getting the ball set off the left heel is part of my pre-shot routine but few lies out on the course are perfectly level so I will shuffle the feet around a little bit until i perceive the ball being in the proper spot relative to where I sense my swing will bottom out.
  Bumping old threads is better than starting new ones. Searching for info is easier when it is all in one place. Good luck with your new putter.
Well now I have to say I'm skeptical. Nothing personal, it's just that a new user pops up with claims like this every month only to quickly disappear. Good luck and I'll be looking forward to your video.
 Totally off topic but I'm reminded of this video.  
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