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 Yeah. After thinking about this thread for a while I started to wonder if this wasn't just a simple static weight/swingweight issue. Looking at Taylormade's web page on the irons I also see that particular model of irons has some draw bias so that could be a factor as well.  
Hit a large bucket at the range. Steep to shallow move is coming along alright. Steepening the shoulder plane is a big part of it for me it seems.
Blade and cavity back wedges are really no different. The extra weight, loft, and lower COG of wedge heads make them so forgiving anyway the cavity doesn't really do anything at that end of the set except maintain visual continuity. Pretty sure it is just the loft. Very few people can get much use out of a 64, especially one with relatively low bounce.I have and 588 RTX 2.0 CB wedge. Only real difference is that is has a larger face which is useful for when you lay it wide...
QFT Just about anything with a urethane cover will give you the short game and iron game performance you need. NXT and NXT Tour are the biggest waste of money in the golf ball market, you're essentially paying a premium ball price for an unremarkable mid grade ball that happens to say Titleist.
 Game Golf. Gave me a more realistic picture of what I'm actually doing out on the course.
I'd skip the Deere and get more comfortable at the St. Andrews. Leave no rock unturned.
Backswing seems a bit too quick to me.
That is a pretty cool sequence. Never saw the swing speed numbers presented like that before. I figured his backswing would peak at faster than 33mph but I guess that is why the pros are so smooth.
 Bingo. If there is a big rainstorm and all the bunkers are washed out it takes 5-6 guys 4+ hours to fix it all at the course where I work. Most places don't have that kind of labor available to do it all in one shot.
Interesting idea but not very practical.   1. Tagging the back of your hand is sort of awkward and obvious. (I like that I can use my GG without people taking notice.) 2. How do I track putts and chip when I don't use a glove for them. 3. Losing a glove now costs me $230 4. Gloves can get sweaty and grimy and now so will my new toy   These features just make so much more sense in watch or belt unit because they'll always be with you. Maybe their business model...
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