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Stand behind her real close and place both hands on her hips. Stay in this position for about an hour each day all the while guiding her body through the swinging motion. You'll get the results you want in no time. Who knows, she even become a decent golfer to boot.
Strength and flexibility stuff is definitely a start but you won't see much of a boost from fitness alone. You'll need to be doing some swing speed specific training to tap into those gains made in the gym. Here is one example  
1. a 43" driver would make a big difference. I am a very good driver of the golf ball and when I've demoed some of the extra long shafts on the newer models it made me wonder how a 20 handicapper could ever put one in play with it.2. The distance is all relative and would take an adjustment period. When they played with featheries and gutta percha a 200 yard drive was just as impressive a a 300 yarder today. You don't see people yawning when a baseball goes 150 yards.3....
15" cups is a dumb idea. Beginning golfers can putt fine enough on a regulation hole. It is the long game that drives them away from the game. Even half decent hacks who have been playing for years will somehow manage to hit the ground for inches behind the ball an watch the divot go twice as far as the ball. And there really is no way to take that element out of golf without it really being golf anymore.   Taylormade is trying to solve the problem with some bs moves...
I doubt the lengths, lie angles, and swingweight of the two sets are the same. You should really get the specs of your old irons measured and get the new set matched to them.
Training aids aren't for seven year olds. Young children still have the natural learning ability of a still developing brain. It is only adults that have been ingraining bad habits for 10+ years that need to be strapped into a helmet to force them to keep their head steady.
Not sure how old you are but I don't think 40 balls should make you too tired to execute your regular swing. Sometimes once you get warmed up and hit a couple of good shots you can get overconfident and subconsciously begin swinging harder and harder which will lead to some big mishits. Or you'll start trying to make swing adjustment for every little push, pull, fade, etc until you lose your natural swing. I would suggest working on tempo and abandoning all swing thoughts...
The Original Nike One Gold was probably the best ball I ever played, never got into any of their newer balls since it was discontinued. Maybe this new ball will be similar to the one I used to love. Been pretty much stuck on the ProV1x for the past couple of years.
1st suggestion- use whatever you can find for free   2nd suggestion- if you are going to use new golf balls don't even bother with premium or even the the mid range balls just buy a big back of pinnacle gold distance or something like the top flite D2 straight. These types of balls have minimal spin and will reduce hooks or slices which will save you the most strokes at your level because your likely not able to access the short game spin of any of the better balls anyway.
Hitting the weight room a bit more so I will be ready for the new golf season. And when i have the urge to walk around outside when there is snow on the ground disc golf is a good option.
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