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I have heard about variable resistance machines over the years but have never had the opportunity to use one. The big question is, how much does it cost you to use it?
Where were you fitted? Doesn't sound like they did too good of a job. If you couldn't feel the club throughout the swing you probably should have mentioned it at the fitting. What kind of trajectory were you looking to get out of the new shaft? Do you know the kick point in your other clubs? Need to get a sense of your preferences before recommending anything.
No login required. Works pretty much like youtube except there are multiple links for everything. The Vodlocker links generally work best but not always.
 http://www.solarmovie.is/ They pretty much have everything and there is nothing you need to download.
I suppose Hollywood has been lying to us all this time.  
 You missed out. It is worth it just to see Brian Pavlet hit a ball through a piece of wood from less than 10 feet away. They had Jason Zuback doing a demo another year.
 They are pretty good. But such a ripoff from the old Tiger Woods commercials it is kind of ridiculous. Tiger even has the same goofy smile as Matt Kuchar. 
Interesting motion. Michelle Wie has her hips really open at impact like that, but she doesn't shallow out the club nearly as much.
 I'd like to see something like this nearby me. I've seen a few tennis tournaments where they use wood rackets and such but golfers seem to appreciate this idea a lot less.
I sure hope those are foam balls.
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