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Wow! Great advice all. Thank you! I got into the PGA store and got to hit some clubs. The forged I think were not for me. The other ones weren't bad but I found a few others that I hit better. I think I need to be looking for some good cavity back clubs. I hit the Callaway Diablos and they were pretty nice. The used set was a bit more beat up then I wanted but now that I hit some I know what to look for. I think Inthehole was right about "super game improving". I did...
I guess I should add, are these decent clubs for a new player? Are they forgiving? Are they too much club for me. I haven't even got out to a course yet. I am still just hitting balls at the range. I have taken a lesson and may take a few more.
Thanks for the tip. There is a PGA store near by. I can usually find most clubs there and hit some with them. I can also get a fitting. I am still working on my swing so it may be hard to determine what is right for me at this point. I just hate practicing with clubs I don't like.
I am just getting into the sport. I have some really old clubs that I am not too crazy about but they were my dad's and free. I would like to invest some money into some clubs for myself. I am going to buy used as I don't see spending the extra cash on new clubs at this point. I am trying to keep my price point under $350. There are 2 deals I am looking at. First was a set of Taylor Made Rocket Blade Irons PW-4. The reviews look good but I don't know know how well I would...
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