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Or should that be hitting 3 off the tee? 27-1 is one stroke plus distance - so after I searched for my ball and it was lost I should have gone back to the tee and been hitting 3 - yes?   Thanks for all the help in getting me to understand this one ;)
Yup I did go forward :) sounds like I messed up a lot and what a good tee shot it actually was LOL   OK so I hit my tee shot and thought it was pretty good so I did not hit a provisional, I go forward to look for my ball but cannot find it - I don't know FOR SURE that it's in the water, so what I should have done is replay the tee shot (not a provisional because it's too late) and been hitting 4 off the tee? (1 stroke for the first lost ball, 2 stroke penalty, hitting...
Gotcha! thanks and thanks! :)
Thanks David for the great explanation!    and so just to clarify one statement (so I can learn) :) you said that if I wasn't sure that my ball was in the water that I should assume that it was NOT in the water? So in other words if you're not sure your ball is in the water don't take a drop?   Thanks for the help!
Sorry, I don't follow :(   I thought the original tee shot was good from the tee, but getting up there I could not find the ball - what should I have done?
I did let everybody know that the ball was lost and that I was taking a drop assuming it went into the water - it was not a provisional, nor did I say "Provisional" 
Drivable par 4 I hit and had a little fade that *could* have ended up in a little creek that crosses right in front of the green, there's also some trees on the right that the ball could have hit and bounced anywhere   got up there and couldn't find my ball so I took a drop assuming it went in the water...   once crossing the bridge to the green I found my original ball - so I abandoned the dropped ball and played my original - much to my playing groups chagrins - they...
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