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Flaring the left foot is very helpful, and doesn't seem to have any effect upon the rest of my S&T swing. At address, the S&T guys say both feet should be pointed out 20 degrees (and the knees 10 degrees. I am now pointing my left foot to 45 degrees ( knee to about 20) and it really takes the pressure off that knee. As usual, knee still flexes toward the ball on the backswing, Thanks for the advice, boogielicious!
If you go to stack and tilt, which I have been working on for a little over a year, be very careful that the left knee flexes toward the ball on the backswing. If you try to flex the left knee towards the target, as I mistakenly did in a heavy practice session, you might injure your knee. My knee is improving with R.I.C.E. and use of two overlapped braces on it when I play or practice. But I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon this week to see exactly what's...
Did you see Will MacKenzie at T7 this past weekend?
Will MacKenzie, who finished T7 in the Farmers Insurance Open yesterday at Torrey Pines is a Stack and Tilt tTour Player, under the instruction of Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer, the authors of the book and DVD set on Stack and Tilt, which I have been studying for the past year. Eric Axley, who has one win & 5 Top Ten finishes in 147 events ($2.7 million) is also a student of Mike's and Andy's. Charlie Wi ( 21 top 10 finishes in 211 events--$9.7 million) is another. Troy...
New Posts  All Forums: