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Totally agree about Buck.  From the beginning I didn't care for his glib, cutesy, wiseacre remarks and they seemed to increase in frequency daily.  Might work for MLB and NFL broadcasts, but not the U.S. Open.  Augusta National would've McCorded him.  Most of the rest were just o.k. and, as much as I enjoy the view, can't say that Holly added much insight.  Oddly, since his forte is the NFL, I thought one of the best moments in the entire broadcast was Curt Menefee's...
Re: the post above about no more Chris Berman      ROFLMAO !!!!!!!    Agree wholeheartedly.  
CORRECTION - "In the eight years since the inception of the Cup the winner has also been the winner of the Tour Championship SIX TIMES......."
I hope someday the Tour will get the format of the FedEx Cup adjusted to where it's actually exciting to follow.  As it is now, I don't find any drama in following the season-long progression of points nor do I find the playoffs exciting.  In the eight years since the inception of the Cup, the winner has also been the winner of the Tour Championship which in my mind means it's essentially a one tournament shoot-out for an $11.5 million payout to the winner.   
PGA Tour - Woody Austin   LPGA Tour - Stacy Lewis    Champions - Fred Couples
An acquaintance had the opportunity to play in a pro-am a couple of years ago.  The pro assigned to their group was Woody Austin and I was told he made the day miserable for all of them; in fact, he even used the word jerk to describe Austin. 
Reading a list of some nicknames of tour players I knew most of them, but these have my stumped.  Please enlighten as to who they refer to.      All Day   /   Volcano    /   The Drip   /   Big Boozer  
Here's a link to one of the reports about Lewis' reactions   http://www.sbnation.com/golf/2013/10/8/4813786/stacy-lewis-shanshan-feng-reignwood-lpga-classic-2013
Did Stacy Lewis whine about Korda getting a lucky break or the crowds being overly supportive of Jessica?  Hope she accepted this defeat a little more gracefully that she did when Shanshan Feng bested her. 
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