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I am in the market for a new driver. My driver is the club with the highest ceiling and, unfortunately, the lowest floor as far as my tee-shots go. I am ready to add some consistency to my tee-shots with a custom driver fitted to me. Any input would be great and again, I am looking for a good club fitter in the Austin, TX area.
I wear a Mizuno retroflex cabretta leather glove on my left hand, and nothing on my right.
I have mid-sized grips already. I'm starting to think it may have something to do with my grip pressure.
Rated my pro
So I played a quick 9 holes in the cold today. I used the FootJoy winter gloves on each hand. I have played dozens of rounds this winter wearing them. For some reason, I play great in these gloves. My ball striking is so much better. My playing partner and I talked about it after the round because he had noticed the improvement in my game when I wear the gloves as well. I have not tried playing with 2 "normal" gloves on yet to see if that produced the same improvement in...
New Posts  All Forums: