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you may be playing the wrong size grip. and also the overlapping grip may be the wrong style for your hand size try the interlocking grip. its  the style i use, i also wear a small glove and play an undersize grip double tape. 
got out to play yesterday 2 1/2 weeks after my injury  shot a 92. wasnt able to hit it very long but my shoulder didnt hurt at impact
got out on the course yesterday and even though i'm suffering from a shoulder injury, and wasn't hitting that long this helped me keep my score down 
snow finally cleared up. got to play yesterday. now they are calling for more snow. when is it going to stop!!!!!!!
depend on the shot im trying to hit it from 60 up to my pw 
i build clubs for my friends and my self and use hireko  
it all depends are you rapid fire, hitting balls if so make sure to go through your routine, if you don't have i suggest getting 1 and use i in the range as well as on the course.  i get like that sometimes when i start to just go through the motions instead of staying focused on what I'm doing. my hands start to get to far forward in the set up and i start to drop the club to far to the inside 
for now your main concern should be should be length of the club and lie angles for your swing. even tho your lie angle may change as your swing progressively gets better. than when you get more consistent with your swing you can start getting into kick points, shaft torque and other shaft attributes that effect spin rate and launch angles. 
what did the cortisone shot do for you. my issue is a torn labrum so i can move my arm i have almost full range of motion i have very little to no strength in certain directions and the ball seems to pop its been 2 weeks today I'm going to start with a little weight training to work on the deltoids to strengthen them up to hold the shoulder in place so its not as sloppy 
the place i go to has to simulators b.y.o.b. 2 couches and 2 TVs i go in play a round of golf and leave. i guess because i don't drink the drinking is not a draw for me. but the simulator is also a tracman so if i wanted to some hard numbers on my swing i can do that as well. what i would like to see is the driving range with 6 to 10 in door enclosures  so that when its cold or the weather is bad i can still work on my game cause isnt that what its all about being able to...
New Posts  All Forums: