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I'm in now the fun begins!!! I got a few people already...
Ill have to read in to this
Yes indeed!! He said a lot of good things, and it means a lot to my dad to have his autograph.
South Dakota, Winter:(  Well we have had -60 we have missed school do to cold. One of the coldest winters ever here.
 Well said.
Blades are not the most forgiving and if your not the best ball striker they may not feel the best, also when hitting range balls they tend not to feel the greatest. Where as pros on the range don't use range balls... and they have fewer miss hits. But the best thing to do would be to go and try out clubs, then go from there.
Yeah I will... But its 3 now we had seniors.
Yeah I get that.
Yes I believe it is ground under repair because when a course puts sod down the grass is growing, same in a divot. 
Yeah your right...
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