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They just replenished these on the website for the public release of the Vegas stuff if anybody wants one for $44
8-2. Indicating Line of Playa. Other Than on Putting GreenExcept on the putting green, a player may have the line of play indicated to him by anyone, but no one may be positioned by the player on or close to the line or an extension of the line beyond the hole while the stroke is being made. Any mark placed by the player or with his knowledge to indicate the line must be removed before the stroke is made.Exception: Flagstick attended or held up - see Rule 17-1.b. On the...
Has absolutely nothing to do with reading greens. It is simply an alignment aid. With that being said, I am an extremely linear person, and I like it. Have had mine since the original CC meeting/release. Iacas, If you want one and are not a club cameron member, the next time they are available (probably next release) I will buy one and you can paypal me. Let me know if your interested. Matt
List this on ebay and I bet its sold before the end of the day. Microsoft live search is offering 30% off right now if offered on ebay with buy it now. I bet someone jumps on it before the end of the day.
I played both courses at Bear Creek when I was there last time. Both nice, Easet course is better though. Think I only paid $35 a round for them.
I think Titleist is coming in the next 3-4 weeks. At least I heard from my pro that is true about the new drivers and I am almost certain about the new fastback and squareback Scotty Camerons. EDIT for new info. Looks like mid to end of Oct early Nov on the drivers is what he just told me. The Cameron stuff is still very real though.
I bought a Scotty that had been cut from 35" to 33" and it is so light I cant hardly play with it. I gave it to my wife. I know for a fact if you cut 2" off of it, you have basically nothing more than a gift for the special someone in your life, or a wall hanger.
T10 Newport 2 "button back" Tour Actually, Id be pretty tempted to buy one now if I could find it.
www.blackoxideservices.com They also do refurb work. I just sent one of my TEI3s back to them for refinish, it is going to be a gamer, so I did not go with the custom shop. Mine was 45 bucks for a refinish, including fixing any dents, scratches, new paintfill, polish the insert, and in my case, I wanted to add a sight line. All the pics I have show they do great work.
New Posts  All Forums: