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10.5 degree Cleveland Launcher is what I'm playing now.
Cleveland 2square with a super stroke 3.0
Tried to delete
Good deal congrats Sir.
The course is tough but I like the layout. As far as a regular member vs the players pass? I think the player pass is a better deal unless you are going to play a lot and hit balls a lot at the range. That said I just play out there at least once a weekend and after work one afternoon during the cooler months.
I'm in Cayce a member at Hidden Valley high higher handicap than you and a little older. Play every weekend. I believe your handle is familiar. You on scducks ?
Crown Royal Bag in the side pocket....
I do Cleveland and Cobra. I have three sets of clubs and sometimes I mix them up. Depends what I'm hitting good.
It's your bag do what you want to.
I went through the same thing after not playing for ten or so years. I first purchased a new driver then a fairway and a three hybrid in Cleveland launcher series. After a year or so I purchased a new set of Cleveland golds. Played eight or ten times a year for a few years and now have the time to play . I'm getting better every round so the newer technology is helping me.
New Posts  All Forums: