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2 rounds and a range session, and not a shank as of yet. 
A friend of my fathers had an old Wilson Arnold Palmer "Autographed" 2 iron. I think it's from the 60's or 70's. I tried it at the range a few nights ago and hit it OK. So I took it out on the course. On shots where I wanted less then driver or 3W, I decided to try it. It's a tiny little head, have no clue about the shaft specs, but it's the easiest club I have ever hit. 225 with a tight draw, and a decent roll out. Why???? I am a 15 HCP, and you would think it would be a...
So I went back to the shop where I ordered my clubs. Talked to a couple other guys there, and they confirmed my suspicions and your thoughts. I did a test with a club that was 1/2" short and 1.5 up, and I was still toe striking, need 3 degree up. So they are going to call Callaway in the morning, and reorder them. So frustrating. I don't like to be mean, but if you don't know your job, don't do it. UGH!! Thanks for the helps guys!!   JRM
So the guy that fit me was wrong. Great.    Thanks Guys
When I was fitted on the lie board, it was with a standard length shaft and I was constantly striking one degree on the toe. They said when you shorten the stick, that it should bring it to standard lie. I thought about it, and asked if that wasn't backwards. He said it's the opposite of what you would think. I guess I will find out when they get here.    JRM
I have a new set of Callaway X2 Hot Irons on order. I was fit by by local shop, yet something in the back of my mind is bothering me. I used to play standard length Callaway Razr X's. I then had different shafts installed that were about 1/2" shorter. My accuracy got much better! Unfortunately, the new shafts were just a bit too heavy for me. So I decided to just get new Ping Irons. Was fitted at standard length, and 1 degree up, blue dot. I hated the Pings. Tried to get...
I spent this afternoon up at Haggin Oaks in Sacramento, CA testing clubs on their range. I fell in love with the new Callaway X Hot2 Irons and hybrids. IMHO, they feel like butter. I was checking the specs, and I know club lofts are getting stronger. Here is my dilemma. The 5 iron is 23 degrees. The 4 iron is 20.5 degrees, and the 3 hybrid that I would get is 19 degrees. It seems like the 4 iron is almost redundant. Or am I missing something here?    Thanks for your...
Well, I decided I would try the least toxic and easiest to find option first. Nail polish remover. It's the good stuff. I soaked it for about 5 minutes, and used the point of a pair of tweezers, and it began to chip. So I put some more on the area and let it soak for about 10 minutes. A lot more came off the second go. After 5 or so applications, some elbow grease, and the use of an old toothbrush, toothpick, and the tweezers, it was clean as a whistle. Hit a few balls...
Thanks guys! I have had site lines before, but something about the way this one is, it just jumps off the club and slaps me in the face. When on the putting green, I tried hiding the line with a quarter, and instantly had better aim. Thinking I may try and paint the line first. Any suggestions on what kind of paint will stick?   Thanks!!!
Greetings!   I just bought a new Ping Karsten Anser 2 1959, and so far I love it. Yet there is something about the alignment aid that is throwing me off. I put a piece of blue painters tape over it, and I immediately started dropping putts right in the heart of the cup. I would rather not have a piece of tape on my putter. Is there a way to remove or hide the line that would look decent? Is this something a local shop may be able to do?    Thanks in advance!!  
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