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Wait, I thought I lived under a bridge. Now I'm in my mom's basement? You sure you're not mad? lol   Lemme explain how this works: YOU boldly claim that a company is lying to its customers and even publishing fraudulent data; it's on YOU to provide EVIDENCE. So instead of stomping your feet and daring me like a kindergardener, 1) confirm that you're talking about *THE* True Temper Multi Step Lite, and not just "a TT multi step" and 2) go make a video of yourself weighing...
Lol A troll calling someone a troll. Because obviously, it's so much more reasonable to figure that Gigagolf privately and exclusively conceded to you that they blatantly lie to thousands of customers and even publish phony specs than to figure that maybe... just maybe... you don't know what you're talking about.
Oh you mad now. Lol Come to think of it, you didn't say the Feather Flight = Multi-Step Lite. You said the Feather flight "is a TT multi step," which is like saying an orange is a fruit. So giving you the benefit of the doubt and granting you your exclusive conversation with Gigagolf's "head honcho," it probably went something like... LBlack14: OH-EM-GEEEEE!!!!!!111 I has revelation! Is feather flight a multi step? Gigagolf: Um, yeah. Different sections have different...
What if I told you Gigagolf did 9/11? I had a private phone conversation with their head honcho big cheese dancing bull of thunder and he confirmed it.
False. 110 grams vs 125 grams.Btw, I came across that claim in another forum when I first googled for info on it. Turns out it was you. :/
I figure he's already got the right flex since he actually hit with a bunch of clubs and found one that "felt great." I think there are 2 types of off-the-rack: "zomg gimme them new Callaways, xtra stiff!!!!11" and "lemme hit a few and see what I'm comfortable with." I see your point though. Guess it can't hurt. I'd just make sure he still thinks it feels great after the mods (if any).
lol It means he said the club feels great. I'm sure fitting is valuable to people who have a consistent and reliable swing that they're happy with, or are very short or very tall. And if that's the op, then sure, knock yourself out. But if he's like most--inconsistent and still tinkering--how do you know where all the specs "need to be?"
If it ain't broke...
The face of blades:       The face of cavity backs:     /thread
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