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Congrats man!  Way to go! Working through a PhD in nutrition has taught me a few things after reading thousands of studies: adherence is the top predictor for success.  Find something that works for you and your chances skyrocket.  I don't even want to get into most of the hokum "science" that goes into most diet books - you are your own best feedback.  Trust that. 
First, going to the gym for 2 weeks as the only change (as the OP describes) won't lead to that type of weight loss.  Though you're right Pettersen's weight loss can change the swing for the worse (alter center of mass, center of pressure, and posture), the OP's situation is too fast for that. I don't know what people are doing for workouts so won't go farther into generalization except to say that a soundly constructed and executed workout before you play is very...
I'd opt for Orange Whip or Momentus.   Being able to hit balls also has a downside.  Folks will try to swing as hard as possible eventually, and do you want that much momentum taxing your rotator cuffs in the swing?  Not me.  It's nice to be able to hit balls but gotta keep the intensity lower.
Yes but ethanol drives insulin through the roof.  Any time you eliminate a major calorie source you stand a better chance of losing weight.  That could be fat, protein, or carb.  You can find a study or book or clinician who has success with any of those 3 plans.  The key is to find one that works for you and be disciplined.  Being disciplined is a heck of a lot easier when you're full!  For a lot of people, carbs are extremely filling and high protein/fat makes them...
I will occasionally lay up to a yardage but that's usually in the case of a front pin with firm greens or a nasty lie for my would-be approach.  Obviously, things like a water hazard will change the thinking.  20 yards in the water is not a great way to make birdie
That's backed up by the PGA stat pack geek Richie Hunt who produces his yearly evaluations, pro golf synopsis.  Last couple years he's made a case the FW wood is the key club on Tour because once you get within about 30yds of the green the birdie% increases exponentially.  So guys with a great FW wood can get close to that green and bump their chances of scoring.  Of course there are exceptions like Zach Jonhson's Masters win.  But nearly anyone, barring yips, should get...
Just to clarify, and I agree on the knee essentially being a slave to the ankle and hip: the knee has a ton of soft tissue structure to stop lateral movement.  I agree on initiating movement, the ITB and TFL chain aren't too hot with that.  The only reason I bring this up is deceleration is at least as important as acceleration.  When we're talking stable (not sure if that's what is being mis-stated as solid or not), deceleration rules. 
Erik - interesting thought.  Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:   "coaching isn't about what you say, it's about what you can get your students to do."  Seems Butch is pretty good at the latter, though I have  seen a modest trend of his students with long-term injuries.
He can swing his way but why is he going on for 20 minutes about "you don't know what I do" as though it's some Russian secret operation?    Seems like an ass backwards attempt at being anti-establishment and yet playing the tease at the same time.  Sorry, it's just hard to take those people seriously.  There's enough knowledge, technology, and interest in the game where the "black box" is no longer a suitable cover.
If y'all are talking about head movement then to my knowledge Kenny Perry takes the cake for elite players:     If it's early extension (diagnosed via the posterior) then Luke Donald is a pretty good example.   
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