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It was nearly ten years ago...wow...wth were you looking for when you found this one?
Considering the OP was from six years ago, probably already a settled matter.
Were you sure to check out their golf balls made specifically for left handed players as well? I didn't include those in my count.
You're welcome. It's actually an interesting read. When I got back into the game a few years ago I would only play the NXT Tour...I finally advanced on to urethane and now it's all I'll play in various flavors.
I count 23 options from their website...http://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-balls/
^^ This. I hit a tee shot yesterday that was headed towards the group on the previous tee box (big dog leg right) and I knew the cart path(s) were in the vicinity of where my ball was headed. I called it out, ball ended up about 30 yards short of their tee box...but on the senior/ladies box. You yell fore not because you know it is going to hit them, but to give them warning in case it might.
It's a ball mark repair tool. Divots are fixed with sand. ;)   On the plus side...it looks well used, good for him.
Ironic timing...just had this happen yesterday. My second shot on a par 5 (new course to me) was over a small ridge then down hill to the green. I kept it a bit left to allow for the downhill/left of the fairway, but right of the cart path. Got down there...gone. No where to be seen. Even checked the hole, nothing. Didn't want to go back to replay the shot since the guys behind us were already waiting for us to clear, so I took a bogey and moved on.   We figured that the...
New Posts  All Forums: