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I can't believe it, but I did it! Broke 80 with a 79 after only playing for 6 months! Front nine: fairways 4/6, greens 4/9, but only 15 putts. Doubled one, bogeyed 2 and eagled one. Smashed a drive on a par 4 and hit the green then sunk the putt! The double came right after that though. Back nine: fairways 6/7, greens 3/9, and another 15 putts. One double, and 3 bogeys. The double and two bogeys came from the last 3 holes too, so I was playing good the whole time until...
That was mainly why I did. My short game was on time. I only hit 7 greens in regulation. But every time I missed it I only had one putt. My total putts were 30 for the whole round and I had three 3 putts too. But that's def what I need to work on, everytime it has been really good I have done amazing like I did yesterday.Thanks!
I did it! I broke 80 with a 79. One of the best days I've ever had!! I've had these days before where I just play amazing and rarely mess up and will barely bogey anything. But this is the first time doing it on 18 holes. I even had my first eagle! I came up to this hole and said I'm going to drive this green (short par 4, 303 on the scorecard), and guess what? I did it! Left myself with about a 10 foot putt, put it in the center if the cup! But...I doubled the hole...
Thanks for all the responses guys! I've been busy with school, but since I've been off we've had 2 more days of tryouts. The second day I hit 7 over on 6 holes AND I had a birdie. But I still did better than 3 people so that is still good enough to get on the team. The today I I hit par on the first hole, bogey, then 2 triples!!! BUT; I managed to par out being 7 over after 9 holes. I impressed the coaches today. They told me first hand. They said with practice I could...
So I've played golf for about 4-4.5 months now and I decided to try out for the school team. Today was the first day of tryouts. We were split into two groups ( pretty much the good kids/crappy kids) I was put with the crappy ones because I have only played for a short period of time. My group was on the putting green for the majority of the time. Then we went to the chipping green while the better guys finished up on the range. We then had some tips thrown our way about...
Well that's the only video I have of my swing. So I figured why not haha. I might go outside now and go get some more videos
Thanks for the suggestions! But do you think that it not being my full swing might have something to do with it?That was kind of a full swing at a half speed pace because of where I was aiming. That was a 70 yard club aiming at a 40 yard target 60 ft downhill.I'll try to get a full swing of my driver, 6 iron, and that club up this weekend.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2-3 months My current handicap index or average score is:20-25 My typical ball flight is:fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:a baaaad slice Videos: This is the only video I had. It was before my first round. I know it's not down the line or face on but can you see anything wrong?
That's pretty much why I want to start playing in tournaments. What better way to learn then to play in one? I have done the same thing with playing. I practice on the course. That has seemed to work for me so far.
Do you know what would happen if I broke some rule that I had no idea existed?
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