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as a student at Arizona im so stoked about this season. Last Saturday was awesomeeeeee taking down Iowa even though we almost blew it in perfect U of A fashion. Foles is a monster and by far one of the most underrated qb's in the nation. We have USC and Oregon St at home which is perfect and in our advantage cause AZ stadium is one of the tougest places to play in the nation because of the ZONA ZOOOOOO. We just need our revenge on Oregon and get to Pasadena. GO CATS!!
damm looked on facebook and i saw sara brown has a boyfrienddd :( hahhaa. go carlinggggg
http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/colum...&sportCat=golf look at this link and read the article. i couldn't stop laughing at how stupid this is
taylormade r9 glove is top notch
i dont see oost losing this. hes got that swagger and hes on fire. i say he wins by 7
Sorry to break it to you but the devils have the Pens number this year
I was on the verge of tears of joy when I found out that Ilya Kovalchuk was going to Jersey. This is just the push we need to get back to where we were ealier this season. I do not think he will be there for long (same idea Pitt had with Hossa) but this gives the team enough confidence to get to the top and adds a top 3 scorer to a team already filled with great players. Go Devilss!!!!!
He made the switch but he is pretty much using the same clubs as he used last season, just a new set of irons and a new driver. He is still using his Cobra s9-1 pro 3 wood
thank you. took the words right out of my mouth hahaha
I really dislike blake and vincent. I mean andrew can be annoying at times, but come on get off the dude's back for once and let it gooooooooo. Leave my fellow yankees and giants fan alone :) I want the Finau's to win. Seem really nice and humble. Next to go... will be mike perez. his game is really iffy to me.
New Posts  All Forums: