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Lets back up a bit.  You said you were fitted for your amps, so are they Stiff shafts?  If so, then there are a lot of other factors you have to consider re; ball flight, shot patterns and how they feel.  I was playing a shaft too weak for my swing speed and when I went to a stiffer shaft it was like day and night as far as accuracy.  As mentioned in another post, you overall game is important.  But it's also important to know what it is with your irons, you think you can...
You'll love your game even more. Distance and accuracy will improve.
With your swing speed, based on the distance you are hitting your 7 iron, does put you into a stiff to x-flex shaft.  But you do need to have someone fit you.  You can get a decent shaft like a dynamic golf for a heck of a lot less than you think.  It's a good shaft for your $'s.  Yea there are others who only like shafts in the 20-30 dollar range, but the above works well.  I built a x-flex  set for a guy who hits his 6-iron about 205 and he's real happy with these shafts...
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