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This Is my current swing. Sorry for the angle, next time the video will be orientated vertically.
I have been tracking my stats to find out where I have lost my game. Recently I have been struggling with higher scores than what I am capable of, and I set out to analyze my statistics to pin point these weaknesses. I am going through a swing change, so I believe the bad ball striking is partially due to this  change.   Current Statistics February 2014:   GIR = 8/18 FIR = 10/14 PPR = 31.6 AVG Score = 76.3 I now realised that my GIR statistic is very bad, I need...
I would like to give you some background about myself. My name is Werner Guldenpfennig and I live in South Africa. I started playing golf at the age of 12, I played for the following 4 years and reduced my index to 4. I then regretfully stopped playing for academic purposes. I started playing again 2 years ago, after a comment the director of golf from my unoiversity made to me on the driving range. In the 2 years since I re-started I have gone down to a 2 handicap,...
My mistake, I thought i was logged onto a different forum. My apologies.  
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