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I'm currently a member of a private club. I've also been a member at public courses that allow preferred tee times to members. It's been a  much better expirience for me to be a member and to play in the member gaggle/sweeps than to always have to get tee times. I play  a lot more golf and enjoy it waaaayyyy more.
I holed a 4 iron for double eagle, but it really wasn't that hard of a shot, just got lucky with how it released.   A lot of memorable shots seemed to happen in match play.   I once hit a cut 5 wood(190ish) out of a fairway bunker to a back right pin on a  double tier green to about 4 feet. I made the birdie and it really shook up the opposition.   Playing a par 3 at Chester Valley, can't remember the hole # but its slopes severely from back to front. I hit my tee...
Par 5 18th on my home course. The driving area is wide enough but OB left is in play as the fairway slopes to the left. The right side is guarded by trees until you get 120 or so from the green. Drive it too far right and you have to try and cut the ball around trees into the layup area with the ball above your feet, or layup with no shot at the GIR. If you manage to find the ideal spot 100-120 from the green you still have an uphill approach to a fast green that slopes...
I think all 3 options apply depending on the player(s). I voted for option 1 only because those type tick me off the most.   Obviously, there are people on golf courses that don't know or care that if the pace of play is quicker, then more people can get on a golf course and complete their round on a given day.
I saw a guy throw his 3 wood in a pond once. He had just gotten the club a few days earlier and told us how well he'd been hitting it. Well, after 5 or 6 holes of hitting it sideways he chucks this club in a nearby pond. The club lands near the and is submerged. 2 of the guys playing with us say they think they can fish it out. The club thrower says leave the blanket blankin club in the damn pond.They proceed to try and get it with one guy hold the other by his...
Sure you can do it. I got down to a 5 handicap back in the early 90's with only a few lessons and that was before the www. was up and running. There's so much info out there now, just have to pick what feels right for you and go with it.
Oh yeah. It's happened to me plenty over the years.   Many years ago I was playing in a GAP team match. We got to the club we were playing late and I tried a hurried warm up on the range. I shanked about half a bag of range balls in a row before being called to the first tee. Somehow I was able to slow everything down and find my swing that day, but it sure was unnerving.   Earlier this year I skanked one off the second tee(short par 3) and ended up in the greenside...
I like the swing out to right field tip. That's a swing thought I often use.   I've struggled with wedge play around the green for years. This season, after watching Azinger talk about engaging the bounce of the wedge, I've really worked on getting the shaft more vertical with my pitch shots. Try to get the shaft back to 12 o'clock for pitch shots around the greens. This method has helped wedge play tremendously.
What every beginner needs to learn on the course is....no hole should take longer than 12 minutes to play(on average).   Pick up, throw it, do whatever just play 18 holes in 4 hours or less.
I think he'll come back and injure himself again.
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