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What every beginner needs to learn on the course is....no hole should take longer than 12 minutes to play(on average).   Pick up, throw it, do whatever just play 18 holes in 4 hours or less.
I think he'll come back and injure himself again.
I'm 10-15 yards shorter now. I attribute that to my swing not being as good with most of my clubs.   I'm shorter with the driver and 3 wood.   I hit the 3 and 4 hybrid as long and straighter than 5 wood and 4 iron.   I'm shorter with 5iron through PW and probably less accurate.   I'm just and long and more accurate with Gap through lob wedge.
I'm a 6.6 index. I'd shoot right around par if I used a pro's drives. The majority of my mistakes on the course are off the tee.
I try to lightly sole or barely hover the putter off the ground right before I stroke it. I'll often very lightly tap the putter on the ground to get that feeling. When I'm putting well, I can feel the weight of the putter head in my hands before I start my stroke. I know that when I have the putter off the ground I can swing the putter smoothly through the stroke. If I sole the putter too heavily, I tend  pick it up to start the stroke and the blade is usually off line at...
Different view points I guess. I think signing a Ryder Cup trophy and presenting it as a gift is silly, when it's done while you're getting your asses kicked.
Whats he supposed to do, lie and say how special it is to have a memory of what a lousy team they were?
The Americans lost because they couldn't play alternate shot format. It all comes down to the players preparing themselves to be able to execute the shots we they need to. I wonder what will be said if they go back to the "pod" system, have that warm fuzzy chemistry, and then get their asses smoked again?
What a big baby! We need our pod system to play better waaaaaaa.....   Nothing worse than an excuse making loser blaming his captain(s) for the teams loss.   Very selfish to criticize the team captain at that moment after all the time and effort he put into it.
His insurance policy might specify being healthy enough to play PGA Tour golf. Big difference between slapping it around for 9 holes with your buds and being healthy enough to compete on the tour.
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