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I used to keep track of GIR when I played all the time. 16 was my top and that was probably one of the times I shot 70. I'd guess I used to average 11-12 on good rounds, 5-6 on poor rounds.   Nowadays, I probably average 8 GIR's. My top last year couldn't have been more than 11 or 12.
I'm around a 10 and that's just what I was thinking. I could see multiple well played shots landing just where I want and then rolling off the green. I can hit it the ball very high too. The firmness, speed and undulation of those greens would probably be nightmarish at times. Bogey golf is a 90. Double bogeys and a few "others" and it could be a quick 100+.
I would spend as much time as possible learning from a teaching professional how to;   1. Consistently get the ball in play off the tee   2. Compress and control the ball with my irons   3. Pitch the ball onto the green from anywhere inside 50 yards...with an emphasis on using the bounce of the wedge to develop a consistent "go to" method of getting the ball on the green with a chance for par   4. Putt...especially from 10 feet and in   I would ...   document...
I broke my ankle and could no longer run well enough for softball,football,etc., and my brother got me into golf. I loved it from the start and played every chance I got from my mid 20's until about age 40 or so. My interest in playing the game left for the better part of a decade. I'm nearing retirement now and starting to get back into it.
I joined a local CC last fall. I was previously a member at other CC's in the past so I know what I'm paying for. For me, it's all about being able to play a nice course, more or less when I want to. I know it's going to cost me a lot more, maybe double what I was paying to play public golf. Then again, I'll probably play 30+ more rounds than I would have.   I'm really looking forward to no 7;30 tee times and no 4.5- 5 hour rounds this year.
Offer to play at a lower handicap than your official index. You may not win money, but you certainly won't be perceived as a sandbagger if you cut your own handicap.
Should Tour Pros Call Out Other Pros for Slow Play?"   I don't know that they should, but I wouldn't think it wrong if they did. As far as moving ahead, they can only play a shot or two ahead since they keep each others score.   The tour needs to establish a maximum time to play every shot and then enforce that from the first group to the last.   I think they also need to limit the amount of times a player can ask for a ruling.
I had ankle surgery in Feb. so not much with the full swing yet.   I'm working on my pitching. I want to get more upright, closer to the ball, and open the face more. I had the face open about 30deg yesterday and that felt great. Of course I was in the basement and on an old piece of carpet....   I can't wait to get outside and actually do some work around the greens!!!
It's getting to be an every week thing on the golf telecasts. Na, Bradley, JB Holmes, now this Loupe with the slow play. Very annoying to tryto watch. I couldn't imagine having to play a round of golf with a guy going through all that before every swing.
I'm probably best at holing putts. 5,10, 30 footers break or not I make a lot of putts.   I'm probably worst at hitting a soft landing 20 yard wedge shot. I'm working hard at it but its still a dead zone for me.   When I used to play all the time, driving the ball was my strength. The game was much easier when Driver was my best club.
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