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I hit a guy in the forehead.   I was teeing off on a par5 with a slight dogleg left. There was a willow tree that blocked the edge view of a large fairway bunker that guarded the inside turn of the hole i was playing. We were playing the blues tees that day so I assume the guy I hit did not see us teeing off and proceeded to try and play his ball from this bunker as he was playing the next hole that ran parallel. Anyway, I hit drive really hard but it starts straight and...
I play golf because its the only sport I can physically handle. I broke my ankle years ago and can no longer really run or I'd still be playing football, basketball, softball, etc.....
Melissa   Rosalita
That may be true in regards to his full swing. I don't think physical injury is causing his problems with executing a simple pitch/chip shot though.
tiger's "glutes" would've shut down and he would've missed the lake and hit the fairway instead
Interesting to hear the great Jack Nicklaus comment during the Honda classic. "" As players were contemplating whether or not to go for it in two on a Par 5, can't remember which one, Jack said something like.."if you can pull it off 9 out of 10 times and the 10th isn't too bad then go for it. If you can't do that, don't try it."
Many years ago, I was able to shoot mostly in the 70's. I had been playing golf for about 10 years and had worked my way down to 8ish handicap. At that time I could break 80 occasionally. I always struggled with consistent ball flight. I tried to hit it straight or draw it. One day, while slapping it sideways on the range, I decided that since I had problems clearing my left side, I'd just start with it out the way to begin with. So, I opened my stance and swung the club...
I replay every round in my mind on the way home from the course. Playable drives, GIRs, up and downs, the whole bit.   I can remember some really good and really bad shots that I hit up to about 20 years ago.
I have a 19* 3Hybrid that I carry about the same distance as the 20* 5 wood I used to hit (200-210). My 4hybrid at 22* carries around 190.
It's the Driver for me. If I can keep my drives in play, I'm usually going to play to my handicap or better.
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