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3   my 52,56,60   56 gets used the most
Very true. Golf etiquette is not emphasized enough for those new to the game..... ......and when it is, very often the result is similar to what is stated above. Golf is a hard game. Learning and applying proper etiquette when playing golf only makes a hard game even harder.So it's plain to see why tiger's on course etiquette is rarely challenged and often times defended. It would mean less interest in the game. Which in turn means, less money for those who make a living...
 You forgot to mention he's the only club slamming turf digger too
I have no problem finding a game with a group gentlemen any day of the week. If I had a guest behave on the golf course the way Tiger often does, he wouldn't be invited back. Self control is a difficult thing. Some people find the trait admirable. Seems as though quite a few Tiger fans do think so.
 OMFingGod     is not something most parents would have to apologize for. Right. Other people do it so its OK. Can't say I'm surprised by that argument. Really. I've never heard any pro athlete curse in quite that manner before. Guess I've just led a sheltered life. How about the club slamming fits after he screws up a shot? Is that OK too? It is possible that another player might have to play from a spot that he has gouged at some point.
Yeah the cursing, club slamming fits get old. He certainly is the poorest example of how to conduct yourself on the golf course. I wonder what he tells his kids when he gets home? I wonder what the Tiger lovers tell their kids when they're watching his expletive filled rants on TV. I hope Spieth shatters his scoring record.
Hard to pick a worst, there's been sooooo many. I guess it was probably a chip that I did not advance. 1st hole in a partners tournament, I hit a 5iron  to a gnarly lie on a par 3. I tried to chop it onto the green and hit so far behind my ball that my club bounced right over it without making contact. Swing and miss, made a double bogey.   2 of my best were in a match play tournament. I was playing one of the favorites and him 1 down playing a long par 3. I  hit my tee...
3H then wedge to green
I hit a guy in the forehead.   I was teeing off on a par5 with a slight dogleg left. There was a willow tree that blocked the edge view of a large fairway bunker that guarded the inside turn of the hole i was playing. We were playing the blues tees that day so I assume the guy I hit did not see us teeing off and proceeded to try and play his ball from this bunker as he was playing the next hole that ran parallel. Anyway, I hit drive really hard but it starts straight and...
I play golf because its the only sport I can physically handle. I broke my ankle years ago and can no longer really run or I'd still be playing football, basketball, softball, etc.....
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