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Sure it is. It's the only way some players can win net tournaments. There's really nothing that can really be done about it. If a player wants to purposely dump shots, or adds shots to his score, or plays other courses and just happens to always have a badround, he really can't be stopped. I see it all the time, good players get tired of losing to net birdies and "career" rounds during tournaments so they don't turn in their low scores and it just snowballs.
Yes. The numbers don't lie. Tournament play usually raises scores for most players, not the other way around.
I really liked him too. He was the ultimate grinder in his prime.
I hate to jump in the middle of this....but... you think a "regular" citizen in the same situation would be in jail for this? I seriously doubt it. I'd bet we'd have to build a lot more jails if that were the case.
I can't think of anything more frustrating in golf than hitting into rough that should be playable and it taking xx minutes to find a ball. Total PITA!
What makes for a good day?   3 or more birdies and no doubles. If that happens I hit it well  and played well around and on the greens.
4 birdies and an eagle for 9 (shot30), added a  birdie on the back and still "only" shot 70.   I think the most I have this year is 3 for 9 holes or 4 for 18 holes.....
I have a S&W model 66 357 magnum (4 inch barrel). It is an outstanding revolver.
Last round I played I missed 8 greens. My misses were from 180,130,155, 45(bunkered), 135, 200,195, 110.   All of my misses were poorly executed swings, except for one (180).   I hit greens from 70, 90, 190, 110, 150, 130, 120, 60, 115, 110.   All my hits were well executed swings, nice and smooth.   It's hard to make a consistently to good pass at it for all 18 holes.
Establish a pre shot routine that works, that makes you feel comfortable, and stick with it no matter what. Do this with every shot, drives, approaches, chips, putts and stick to it when you practice as well. Soon, you'll be able to tell yourself mentally that this drive/chip/putt is just like the one I practice, no big deal.
New Posts  All Forums: