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 I don't know if its a better drill...I use 2 balls. Spread them out 3 feet or whatever. Putt one ball into the other so that it hits it squarely. If you can do that consistently, you can make 3 footers.
I hooked a driver across the adjacent hole and out of bounds. That ball was at least 80 yards off line.
 Probably not.The Tiger lovers need some "Great Tiger" stuff to talk about, and there just hasn't been any of that for quite some time. Tiger missed another cut, played horrible again, and wasn't even hardly discussed. He's playing so bad they don't even talk about that( his poor play) much anymore. It's got to be disheartening for his following, so they delve back into history for some Tiger love.
 I agree you won't get to scratch w/o adding length. You might get down to a 5-6 range if your short game is great. I say this because I've never encountered a scratch player who hits it shorter than me in the 30+ years I've been playing. You need to carry the ball a lot farther just to have the chance to get to scratch, so go for the swing change now, while you are young. The longer your current swing becomes ingrained, the harder it is going to be to change to something...
I'm in a putting funk as well. What I've found is that if I don't practice my putting, correctly, eventually I get sloppy with my fundamentals and then start to look up and mishit putts. You might try going to the practice green and experiment with slightly different setups, hands a little forward, bend over or stand taller,whatever. When you find something that works, practice that technique, a lot. I think you'll find if you gain confidence inside 10 feet, your longer...
Minimally appreciate Tiger????   haha that's a good one!
I always choke down on the club when trying to shave some distance off, probably 2 inches or so.   I'd like to choke 1/2 inch down on full distance shots as well, but I don't seem to be able to stick with it throughout my rounds.
I'd join the local club. There will be much more "slow" time at the private course when you can get out on the course and work on your game. When I first started, 30 years ago, I played a lot of golf by myself on weeknights and weekend afternoons. Eventually, I met a lot of the folks that I still golf with.
Tigers big miss was only inches OB, instead of yards, so he definitely getting closer. If he can get those wild misses under control, he's got his game on the right track. I think he's still got a ways to go........
Not caring if I hit the greens. ...not worrying about landing spots for chips and pitches......not reading putts......If I'm practicing on the course, I'm usually working on tee shots and different types ofshots into and around the greens. So I'm not "really trying hard" to hit the green or chip it close or drain the putt. I'm working on different ball flights with different clubs. No, I don't check what my 20th score is before I play.
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