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Tigers big miss was only inches OB, instead of yards, so he definitely getting closer. If he can get those wild misses under control, he's got his game on the right track. I think he's still got a ways to go........
Not caring if I hit the greens. ...not worrying about landing spots for chips and pitches......not reading putts......If I'm practicing on the course, I'm usually working on tee shots and different types ofshots into and around the greens. So I'm not "really trying hard" to hit the green or chip it close or drain the putt. I'm working on different ball flights with different clubs. No, I don't check what my 20th score is before I play.
 I don't think honesty and vanity are the same.A vanity capper would be a guy who makes a 6 on a hole but takes 5, over and over. Or he might be a guy who shoots 80 but turns in a 76.That's how I define a vanity handicapper.
If I'm on the course practicing and I end up playing 18 holes I don't post it. I'm not really trying hard as I would in a regular round so I would consider that a "sandbagged" round. If I did practice/play every so often and shot a score that is too high for handicap purposes, the 85 I could shoot might be kicking out a 75 as one of my last twenty. That would be unfair manipulation of my handicap, IMO.
   Casual round is our standard daily game, by the book except will pick up my ball when I'm out of the hole, some putts are good and not putted out...etc., competing for money Practice round is usually alone, hitting multiple shots from the same spot, putting with the flagstick, etc. and no money on the line....not competing. Tournament round is a by the book, everything putted out score. competing for cash and pro shop money
I don't like putting bumpy greens. I don't especially like watching the  pros putt bumpy greens either. I'd much rather watch them putt lightning fast perfect surfaces.
Casual round for me. To clarify, a casual round for me is the standard better ball/skins game we play every day as a group. So even though it is more casual than a tournament round, it's still a competitive round. I wouldn't post a practice round for handicap.   This year my low "casual round" is 73.   My low tourney round is 78.   My index is hovering around 7.
Jason Day. It must be total hell to deal with and play golf at that extreme venue. Much tougher than what Tiger had to deal with.
Yes, best ball of partners, low 18 of 36...net. They are 15 handicappers. In theory, they are supposed to shoot around 86 (gross)(par71) each. Two 15 handicappers can't shoot a gross best ball68. The lowest gross score was 62 by a 4 and 5 handicap team.
Yes, I do or I wouldn't have stated so. I've only encountered 3 people who manipulate their handicap lower in 30 years I've played. Two players did it to qualify for tournaments that had handicap max restrictions of 5. The other guy used to be a 4-5 and can't deal with the 85's he shoots now and posts 80-82 every time he plays. The tournament I played in this past weekend featured a winning team of 15 handicappers shooting a 2 day net best 18 of 36 ball score of 53(-18)....
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