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I've been working on swinging the club on plane and maintaining balance throughout the swing.
My bad stretches can and do pop up anywhere in a round. That said, I'd say my decision making process probably falters and I'll hit the wrong club. I may try to get too cute with a shot or rush the process a little.
I have a 9.5 titelist driver, 15* adams 3 wood, 19* Taylormade Raylor 3H and 22* Taylormade Raylor 4H. The Raylors are, without a doubt, the easiest clubs to hit I have ever owned. I wish they made them in 14* or 15* so I could ditch my 3 wood!!!  The 3H replaced my 5W and the 4H replaced my 4i.
I don't like par 5's that take driver out of your hand either. That said, sometimes you just have to take your medicine. Lay up, make a 5 or no worse than 6 and don't let one crap hole ruin your round.
+1  couldn't have said it better
I don't know any that have completely quit due to just their frustrations with how they play. I know plenty of players, myself included, who at one time or another were playing poorly and combined with other factors, decided to cut way back on how much they play.   For me, and a lot of players I know, golf was just not fun anymore. My play had slipped somewhat. I really didn't like the course I had joined or playing at 7;30 on the weekends. It became more of a chore...
Yes, that was a 2 on a par 5. Sometimes called an Albatross, but most people I know don't use that term. I was playing in the GAP matches(club vs. club) years ago, and a guy from the visiting team mishit his tee shot and it rolled all the way down the hill and straight into the hole for an ace.Poor guy didn't even want to claim it. 
Yep. Never had one. I hit the front of the hole and the pin 2 weeks ago and settled for a 2 foot birdie. Guy I was playing with holed out on a 190 yard par 3 earlier in that same round.   I do have a double eagle, but a hole in one sure would be nice.
First of all, I never keep track of how I am in relation to par throughout the round. I write the scores down and total them up at the end. I beat myself up after a bad shot or hole and then start over before the next shot or hole. If I start off 5 over after 3 holes, I'll just say to myself "ok you stink! now calm down and play 15 decent holes!". I saved some really crappy rounds by just hanging in there and telling myself " just play 6 good holes, one shot at a time"....
Well, since you asked  They were no  Tigerlike fist pumps, loogy spits, club slams, or F-bombs dropped that I remember. Kaymer was just methodical in taking that course apart.Tiger also has a way of dominating his opponents and intimidating a field like no other, something NBC would've brought up countless times if Tiger was doing what Kaymer did. Then there is the Tiger highlight loop which they would've played every half hour or so.... It was definitely a different kind...
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