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Longest iron I hit consistently well??  8 iron. Without keeping stats I'd say I probably hit more greens with an 8 iron than I miss, but it really could be my 9 iron.   7 iron through 5 iron I'm sure my accuracy would be below 50% with these clubs.   I hit more greens with my 4 hybrid. I'll often choke down the 4H and play a 3/4 instead of hitting a full 5 iron.
I get that good " I can play this game" feeling a handful of times per year. The rest of the time the game is pure torture.
I heard on sports talk radio that no first time offender has ever gotten more than a 2 game suspension. I can't quote a source and don't even know who was doing the talking so take it fwiw.....
Just hit your 200yd club off the tee, layup to a good wedge yardage, knock it on and 2 putt.
Great video! But....what do you focus on when you take the decoy tee away?
I've never chosen the fitting option, but have hit balls and bought clubs at Golfsmith. I like their 30 day playability policy on new clubs.   They charge $49 for a basic(45minute???) fitting session. The $49 goes towards the purchase price of the club you buy. They told me if they couldn't find a Driver I could hit, they wouldn't charge me the $49.   I didn't opt for the fitting, but just hit a bunch of different drivers. The guy there was very patient and adjusted...
I have Taylormade Raylors in 19* and 22* stiff shaft. I can hit both these clubs very well with a high draw both off the tee and the turf.   I have an older version Titlelist driver and an Adams tight lies 3 wood that I struggle to hit consistently.   I'm wondering if there are drivers and 3 woods out there that mimic the draw bias of the TM Raylor.   Any suggestions what clubs that are similar or how to find a club that seemingly has a built in draw such as...
I tried putting yesterday w/o using any practice strokes. It worked great! Set the putter behind the ball, follow the line to the hole and back and then stroke it! I had been getting too fidgety on the greens, multiple practice strokes etc., and it just felt like I was taking too long to hit it. I was leaving a lot of putts short.   I may try to incorporate the same sort of method into my full swing preshot routine, certainly can't hurt the way I'm hitting it.
So if McIlroy wins say 10 majors 50-60 tourneys worldwide, would he then be the GOAT?
I've been working on swinging the club on plane and maintaining balance throughout the swing.
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