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I didn't realize I wasn't able to comment on the rules. I'll refrain in the future.
Volvik balls are available at Edwin Watts.
There's another thread extolling the virtue's of the XRs. Might be something to them.....
Take each swing as an opportunity to get better. Plan the shot you want to hit. Assess the risks and try to hit the shot. Did you pull off the shot? If not, try to figure out what you have to do to make it happen next time. Maybe a more conservative shot. Take a longer club with a more controlled swing. Don't plan on hitting you best shot at full speed. Pros can't even do that. Swing 75-80 percent max. Work on hitting the ball as straight as possible.
There's always a possibility, and virtually can be a vague term. I our league, for speed of play, we play lost balls as lateral hazards (those cheating ba$tards on the rules committee). Therefore, whether it was a lost ball or in the hazard, it would play the same. In reality on this hole, I should have played a provisional and re teed a ball. I dropped a ball where it crossed the hazard which was just off the tee. If I were thinking, I would have re teed anyway. I...
If I can swing the club, I do not take unplayables unless it could damage the club or me.
I saw post#7. In match play, who cares if a stroke was assessed. The hole was halved. Just another interpretation that makes some of the interpretations stupid. You pick up a marker you concede the putt. Doesn't matter. And there is no replacing the ball when the marker is picked up. What if I say it was a one footer and you say it was a 2 footer. There's no winning that argument.KISS
Plus going to the green when his playing partners are still back in the fairway? He thinks too much of himself.
I'm very much into homeopathic stuff. The conventional wisdom is that spurs are formed from deposits of calcium. Some may be, but with the typical lack of proper nutrition in our society, I believe it is due to the lack of calcium and leaching away of bone due to osteoporosis leaving spurs. Much like the erosion of land like out west leaving pinnacles behind.Another guy I know had real bad heel spurs and doing what I said helped him.In general, I feel a lot of today's...
MJ sounds like an ass on the golf course.
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