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I've gotten stuff from them before and never had a problem. No clubs though. Dick's had some hybrids on clearance a few weeks ago. I bought a Cleveland 4H for $51. They also had some Nickent adjustable hybrids for $59.
I wouldn't feel guilty. If I were to ask to join another group and they declined, I would realize it was for a good reason or they were a jerk. Fine either way.
I don't use a ball washer very often. I carry a damp towel for me on hot days.
I would defer to the wife.
Yep. Handled better than I would. I will jump holes every now and then, but never in front of another group if I would hold them up in any way. I mostly play at twilight and am pushed to get 18 in. I don't want anyone jumping holes in front of me that would cost me to finish a round. Same holds for me. When daylight is running out, I will often jump from 14 to 17 if no one is on 16.
If I were looking to play a less expensive ball I'd try the Maxfli U6. I've played them a few times and they are nice. Dick's had them on sale a couple of weeks ago for BOGO.
I have tried that grip as well but with a large grip. Very steady bringing the putter back. Doesn't help reading greens though.
I go to the flea market every now and then.. They have like new cheap balls for $5 per dozen. I have gotten a dozen like new tour balls for $8.99 or $9.99.
For #13, I hope his divots are bacon strips, not pork chops. For the last slide, everyone knows you hit orange golf balls in the snow. Jeez
I fill as many divots as I find on the fairway. I usually empty both sand bins on my cart. When I walk, I have to refill my sand bottle every hole. I figure I'll be landing in that unfilled divot on my next round. I also fix all ball marks I can find on a green.
New Posts  All Forums: