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Always unless I'm running late.
I am rethinking my use of the Volvik Vista iV. I just don't get the bite on those half wedge shots. I think I'm going the try the Volvik Vista iS which has more spin. Unfortunately only in yellow and orange. I have some White Color S3's which spin. Rather play a colored ball though.
Not at all. I have a very good short game but I carry a 68* wedge. I use it only when I'm short side and need to get a ball up and down very quickly. I feel most comfortable with a pretty fair forward lean. This delofts the club, so a less lofted club would go too low. Usually save par with this club. Opening up a wedge and using the bounce for me is less consistent especially off a tight lie.
I've played on some stacked teams. I was a scratch golfer (or close) and was the D player. Shot -21 once but usually in the -16 to -18 range. No mulligans. Played in a scramble last year put on by one of our suppliers. They tried to even out teams. I got on the worst team I've ever seen. One customer had never golfed before but contributed one scull shot onto a green. Another golfer had golfed a couple of times. He contributed 2 shots (one a CTP). The third guy...
Shot 37 +3 7 = 74 Saturday, 10 FIR, 3 in first cut. 14 GIR with 2 hitting green and rolling off back. Just burning edges of cup making only one birdie. Course only 6400 yards. 85 degrees today. getting warm.
I wear crocs to the range and the course. No slipping or sliding. Maybe that's my problem.
I have heard of this, but don't like it. The long drive should be measured from the tee, not the green. For "ties", we would go with the most accurate which would be from the center of the fairway. I've played many long drives as length minus the distance from the center (the white line down the middle of the fairway"). That rewards length and accuracy. But for the league, as long as everyone agrees, it can be anything they want.
Driver cover comes off during the round. That's it. Don't use a putter cover. I chuck those things.
I'd go with this... http://www.worldgolf.com/golf-equipment/73-degree-wedge-feel-golf-6060.htm
I'd like to see the fans turn and beat the ones yelling to a bloody pulp. I'd pay to watch that.
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