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I swish my irons in a puddle every now and then to loosen some of the impacted dirt. Wait, I live in Florida and we don't have dirt. Just sand. I used to have a wire brush hanging from my bag, but the brittles got hopelessly entangled in the threads from my towels. Had to cut it loose.
Not sure I'd call hitting the ground AFTER the ball a "Fat" shot. Just a steep AoA. Many pros take "beaver pelts" with their irons. Now if you're talking about fat shots with your driver, then you've got a problem.
Your wife slept with your ex-wife????? I like it!
I use a tee to pick the grooves when there is excessive buildup. Not after each shot.
Nice touch. I'll call her a b!tch on the way out too. That ill make it a lock!
My original comment was about Bryson's clubs. They aren't anything to look at. Looked rusted.I don't doubt Edel irons aren't fantastic and I like a clean look on a club, but those wings remind me of Redwing shoes.
Sounds like a Dr Ruth debate club. Friday I'm going out with the boys drinking. Saturday I'm heading to Gainesville for the game (with my daughter and granddaughter). Sunday I'm hitting the links and more drinking. That's all I have planned to this point. So, If I slap the wife before I head out, she'll be waiting at the door naked when I get home? Is that what you guys are saying?
If you're getting your ball in play off the tee, then I'd attack GIR. You need to start sticking your ball on the greens. This week I'm working on my driver, putting and flop shots.
I'm on vacation next week and I'm going to try to find out what her limit is. She has a list of honey-do's that doesn't end.
North Florida still gets pretty cold in the winter (teens), but you still don't need a shovel. I moved from Jamestown New York (south of Buffalo) after high school to the Univ of Florida (Gainesville). I didn't realize it still got cold in the winter. Some mornings had a thin layer of ice on the puddles. I thought it was beach weather all year round. Still beats the hell out of that shoveling.PS. I'll make sure to give you weather updates in January....
New Posts  All Forums: