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From the OP, "In virtually all good putting strokes, the ball is hit with a slight positive angle of attack (AoA) - about 2-3° or so. This positive AoA helps minimize backspin, produce no spin, or even to produce a tiny bit of forward spin if the dynamic loft is 1-2°. But the point is: the ball is struck while the putter head is ascending, or after low point." Stan Utley talks about a downward press (at about the 5:20...
From the OP,"The best putters almost all tend to have a decelerating putter head at or even slightly before impact."Unless extra force is applied, the putter head will decelerate when contacting the ball.
Just wanted to how you'd comment on these 3 above average putters.
Just watched Jack putting. Looks like he's accelerating. Tiger Woods. Looks like he's accelerating. Dave Stockton. Looks like he's accelerating. These may be illusions and if real numbers could be taken it may show something different, but it looks like they are all slightly accelerating just before impact.
A few years ago, I played in a scramble where Paige McKenzie was waiting on the 10th tee and would hit a drive for every group as they made the turn. We could play it if it was the best drive. She smoked one for our group, but the vangator flew it by her. :) She autographed my balls. BTW, she seemed cuter then. Maybe it was the beer.
Just watched Golf Channel Academy with Tom Watson. He said the most important thing in putting is accelerating through the ball. I know his putting stroke fell off as he aged, but he was considered one of the best in his time. Eight Majors seems too agree.
Most impressive was hitting all fairways. I have never done that. Isn't the Ping Craz-E putter several years old? Haven't seen one of those in many years.
The pain killer is arnica. The cream is a transdermal. Also has an anti inflammatory. Has a whole bunch of stuff. Camphor, peppermint oil. The best price I found on the net is at fern nutrition. Get the CT Cream Plus. $11.95. Give it a try. You won't be sorry. My pain was terrible and it went away in a few weeks. It takes a while because there is tremendous inflammation. Once it's gone, you'll only need a little as maintenance. It will eventually come back...
I have a hat clip. I also keep my repair tools, tees and ball markers in separate small zippered bags. I've gotten lots of them over the years in goodie bags. The hat clip is excellent. Just reach up and get it. Magnetized.
I had the same problem with my 3 wood off the turf. I used to call my shots gopher killers. My problem was a sway in my swing. I now keep my head still and hit my 3 wood fine. I would probably score better hitting 3 wood than driver. My 3 wood always draws. I honestly can't remember ever fading it. Sometimes those draws turn into hooks if I don't finish my follow thru.
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