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For me, how I hit the ball on the range just before I play definitely indicates how I will play that day. A couple of years ago in a tourney, during my normal warm up, I found something and knew I was going to win that day and I did. I commented to my son-in-law earlier this year that I was going to score well that day based on how I was hitting the ball. Shot my best round of the year.
I got a confirmation in my email a couple of days ago. I'm off this week from work and want to play some new balls. I doubt I would switch because I really do like the colored balls.
I played with a friend of mine who complained all round about pulling shots and pushing shots all the time. After a few beers (loosens the tongue), I tried to show him what was causing it and how to work on it. I beat him by at least 10-15 strokes. I could tell he wasn't interested. So I had another beer.
I was offered advice by who had a worse swing than Charles Barkley. Much worse. I wish I would have recorded it.
I always try to use my basic swing. Doing a lot of fancy things with setup and other alterations, unless you've really practiced it and have it ingrained, is going to lead to a lot of funky results. I only try to flop a shot if my regular pitch is too risky because a flop shot comes with some inherent risk, particularly for newbies. Aim for the middle of the green. And practice, practice, practice before bringing new shots to the course.
Largo Florida has a few courses with a few bars close by that may be suitable that time of year. I know you're pretty well socked in with snow right about now. I'm playing tomorrow and it's only supposed to get up to 78 degrees.
I have a couple of orange and yellow but I like the green. They do fly a little higher than most balls I hit. They feel firmer but really spin on the greens. Covers don't chew up either. I've never tried the S3. I've tried the Vista iV and Vista iS.
Meant to say "Vokey wedges aren't cheap" Makes a little difference in my post.
I signed up. I'd like to try the balls, but I really like colored balls.
I've checked out Dick's and have not found them. I had to really search for them at Edwin Watts, but eventually found them.
New Posts  All Forums: