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Pensacola can get pretty nippy in the winter. I'd go farther south if I were you, but then again, Key West isn't warm enough for me some days. Pensacola should not even be considered Florida. It LA (Lower Alabama).
I found a TM Rocketballz with a urethane cover. Haven't hit it yet but I bet it plays well. Not sure of the price either. I don't plan on switching.
I agree but manufacturers have still cranked the lofts down. I have an old club building guide (been building clubs for 30+ years). Lofts have been cranked down and shaft lengths have increased 1/2 for the same number iron.
PS. Running the ball the whole way to the hole would be called a putt.
One thing that slows down a golf swing is getting the grip too much in the palm of your hand. MVMAC has a good video here dealing with the grip. Get some lag in your swing. If you wanted to drive a spike with a sledge hammer into the base of a tree, how would you swing the hammer? Would your arms be straight throughout the swing or would you kind of whip it at the spike? Would your head be moving around or be concentrating on the spike? Would you flail at it or make...
Your right shoulder should drop on your downswing. Maybe you think it's dropping too much? My guess is your fat shots are due to not getting your weight on your left side. Posting a swing vid with get you your answer.
That's why I don't play your courses. Actually, I don't drink and drive. I wait until the round is over.Also, I know it's the economy with some of the geezers I know. As for kids, I don't know.
I call that a bump and run or a punch shot. Generally when the term pitch or chip is used, the ball typically lands on the green. There are no absolutes, but what you described is the classic bump and run. Obviously whatever works is what you go with, but eventually you will want to learn how to land the ball on the green. It is by far more predictable what will happen to you shot. Landing the ball short of the green is much more of a crap shoot. If you know the...
I will continue to play until I become priced out of the market. I don't see that happening because I'll play lesser courses if they're cheaper. I don't like goat tracks, but they don't have to be pristine for my game.What bothers me more is the price of beer at the courses. I can't pay $4 for a beer when I can bring my own for less than $1. Sorry cart girls. They're the ones I feel bad for.
If I knew the person and knew they would treat them well, I would let them borrow them for free. I let my brother borrow my clubs once and he bent two shafts. Last time I did that. When I played with him later, he would throw clubs, kick his bag and once just stomped on his bag. That's probably how he bent mine. He's an idiot. Must be genetic.
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