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The course I play says 0-7 hcp play the back tees. Above that play the white tees. Back tees 6656, whites 6112. Curiously, I don't score much different from either tees.
If I was stamping that logo, I'd leave the "TU" out.
I was intrigued by the U/6's. At $15 they must have been marked wrong. I saw them on sale at Dick's for $35 a week or so ago. However, I too prefer yellow balls over the white.
I like a matching set, so I would go with the Pings. If I had enough pennies, I'd seriously look into the Edel wedges. You can't underestimate the effect on scoring of your wedges.
Put a rubber band around the end to reinforce choking down. Sometimes you may want the extra shaft length on a wide open par 5. My driver is 45" and I choke down an inch. Your best shaft length may be 43' or 44". Experiment and see. I'd hate to cut down that much shaft though. The black girl (Sedena?? forgot her name) on Big Break last time really choked down on her driver and she bombed it pretty well.
I just put my 3 iron back in my bag. Hit it 3 times last week and absolutely cover the stick. It's about a 200-210 club for me.
Doesn't look to be very forgiving. No perimeter weighting.
I haven't played blades in years. I think cavity backs irons help shot dispersion much more than blades.
Don't have any links. An old club maker told me that because I kept my bag in my trunk. Heat does a lot of nasty stuff, especially here in Florida. Heat won't affect steel and the epoxy needs 200 degrees I think. I did a quick search and found some comments about heat but most were about the epoxy. I guess over time the repeated heating could affect the epoxy. I'm still more concerned about the affect of excessive heat on my balls and shaft.
There's a course in the county where some ahole trained a crow to snatch balls. I heard he used marshmallows. I played the course and sure enough on a par on the backside, a friend and myself had our balls stolen from the green by this crow. Two others with us were using yellow balls and the crow didn't bother theirs. The crow took them and dropped them in the apartments gutter. This crow would patrol a few holes on the backside so there I was running around and...
New Posts  All Forums: