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I had one hanging on the lip like your years ago. Right behind the hole, so it must have been partly in at one time. Also had one fly in the hole and take a piece of the cup with it. That ball ricocheted off the green Never had a hole in one.
Black and red is a bad combination of colors. Georgia Bulldogs. I recommend dousing it in gasoline.I'm having issues getting a comfortable arrangement with my bag also.
So, you'd rather spend $50 to re-grip rather than $15? A roll of double sided tape cost $10 and will last years. Home Depot has mineral spirits pretty cheap. I keep that around for various jobs.When you find a really good blowout on grips, you can pick them up and save them till later.
I've only played 7000 yards a few times. Most courses won't even play that long from the tips. 6600 yards could have several 400+ par fours. Even 400 yard par fours are a real challenge with a 3 wood. If I hit a good 3 wood, I'm still 160 out. As another thread indicated, how many times do people hit the green from 150? It pays to work on getting your driver in play. If it's too tough, maybe the 3 wood is your answer. Hitting the big dog is more fun. I played my...
37 in league last night with a triple on one hole. Horseshoed 2 birdie putts.
For your stock swing I agree, but there are plenty of situations where you may need to hit a hard iron. That typically means a lot of club head acceleration, which means torque is a factor.Graphite with low torque is pretty pricey and I'm cheap.
That's my league handicap which changes every blue moon. If I were to count all my rounds it would be more like a 2. But with only counting 10 out of 20, it could be lower. I should track it better.The public courses I play typically don't punish drives that are a little crooked because they need to keep pace of play going, so I usually challenge par every time out.A course I used to play regularly would pick one day per week to set up the course for tournament play. ...
If a player has good tempo, then torque is not as much of a factor. But torque is real. I think there is a reason the pros don't use graphite irons. I think a big factor is torque. A driver is typically a very controlled swing in terms that the player mostly repeats the swing. Irons are a different story. The conditions dictate what kind of swing is made. Torque very much comes into play when you're changing your swing speeds, trying to fade, draw, punch etc.
I would hate to think that I could only play shorter courses and challenge par. Part of the fun of golf is the challenge. If I were to tee it up at Pebble Beach, you bet I'd be playing the tips. I want to see play what the pros are playing. I know courses are not usually setup for tournament play. If it beats me up that's OK. I don't want to shoot par at Pebble from the red tees.So what I'm trying to say, is try to take your game to the next level to be able to play...
That completion should not figure in your handicaps. I don't know if there are rules regarding this, but it shouldn't be figured in unless you play your own ball and hole out with your partner's play not affecting your score.
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