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I think they look cool and would give them a try for sure. I've played Chautaugua Colf Club many times over the last 40 years. That was my neck of the woods.
I draw everything except the short irons. I often hit draws that cover half a fairway. Maybe better to call that a hook. Hard for me to slice these Ping K15 woods which is annoying at times.
I didn't think too much of the video. Not sure if their promotional strategy was the best, I would have went with the advertising, I did appreciate the free balls though.
A small bucket. 15-20 minutes of chipping and putting. Need to work more on those 50 yard shots.
Without seeing your swing, my first guess is that you're swaying which effectively moves the ball back in your stance. Do you also find you're losing the ball right more than you'd like?
I usually play better when I'm walking. As I'm walking up to the ball, I'm visualizing my shot instead of talking to the guy next to me. When all 3 are in sync, you'll be ready for the tour.
I find when I'm hitting the ball poorly it's because the ball creeps too far forward and I start hitting with my shoulders too open. I move the ball back in my stance slightly and keep my left shoulder from opening to early. Also, I make sure my left arm is straight. When I get lazy, I start leaving the ball to the right.
It's like a glow in the dark kind of green. Easy to find, but not as easy as orange though. Only problem is that I can't make them bite like a balata.
I had to grab a club to think what I do when starting my downswing. The butt of my club is dropping toward the ball. My right arm stays pretty close to my right side. My right hip is rotating toward the bal, the left hip away and backl. My main swing thought is to keep my head still and throw the club at the inside back of the ball. When I do that, I hit a nice little draw. Over swinging is usually death.
New Posts  All Forums: