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I would imagine the flexing of the shaft after a while would break the bond of the gorilla glue and you'd have a rattle. Not sure if gorilla glue rattles or not. Let us know.
I have a ball retriever. Extends to 25 feet! You're not a real golfer if you step on my line.
Get rid of the President's Cup and the US would have the same 2 year anticipation that the Euros have. We play every year. The President's Cup doesn't have nearly the stature. Norman doesn't play any more.
I have a set of irons gathering dust in the garage that have DG X100 with Sensicore. I don't like the X100. The Sensicore is fine. I put backer rod in my shafts to reduce vibration.
When you're sitting there and see bone headed move after bone headed move and all the announcers were saying the same thing (very politely), you get sick of it.
I think the pool question for yes sums it up nicely. Tom sucked. Tom was always known as one of the biggest aholes on tour. It showed. Sitting Reed and Speith. Playing Phil and Keegan 36 holes on Friday. Sitting all day on Saturday. Keegan had no spark at all. Speith needed more golf before throwing him against McDowell. Fowler has not finished a tournament all year with decision. On and on. Golf is such a mental game and you have to get these guys fired up. ...
I generally have a specific thing I'm trying to get better. Maybe it's your takeaway. Maybe it's inside - out. Maybe it's lower body work (that's me). Take the round of golf as additional practice away from the range. I recommend not playing for money etc. That's the quickest way to revert to your old swing. If no one is pushing you, throw down an extra ball.
I say that because the nominal number of par 3's on a course is 4. Same for par 5's. And yes it is hard.
Bowl 30 games per weekend? Do you bowl in any leagues? If so, what kind of average do you carry?I hope to be an empty nester within 3 years.
When you play for a while longer and your scores lower, you will understand that a ball can make a big difference.Not too many pros playing Top Flite Gamers.
New Posts  All Forums: