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I think the umbrella holder is a cool idea especially here in Florida. I'd check to see if I could find a sturdy one or reinforce one.
I've seen them. I thought it was the weirdest thing seeing a sleeve just for a driver. Years ago though. Here are a few smaller travel bags....
I've borrowed my son-in-law's push cart and the umbrella holder is plastic. I kind of held the umbrella the whole round because I was afraid the holder would break. There was no wind, but I think there would be problems. I don't think I'd use the umbrella holder in windy conditions. The wind would cool me down anyway. The shade from the umbrella is nice.
I just checked my supply and they are Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G. I think they are very tacky. I clean them before every round. I've had the one on my driver for a few years now. Some wear but still very tacky.
I put these on my son-in-laws clubs because they were so cheap. I have Golf Pride Tour Wraps on my clubs. The Golf Pride grips are far, far better. I won't be putting any of the Tacki-Macs on my clubs. It's worth the extra bucks. In fact I have a Tacki-Mac wrap on my hybrid which I will be replacing. Bottom line is, if you like them, go for it.
Do an internet search for "recycled balls" You can get just about any ball for half price or less. Be sure to keep shipping costs in mind. Target and WallyMart have recycled balls in their golf dept. No shipping costs there. Not to sound like an ass, but if you're losing a lot of balls, I wouldn't be playing new balls anyway.
Not sure what this means. I'm an old fart, so I don't know what a lot of things mean these days.I remember years ago a group hit into us and almost hit us. My brother-in-law is a pretty big dude and can look menacing if he wants to (I wouldn't mess with him). Well he turns around and hits the ball back at the tee box. Pretty good shot actually. Well the group that hit into us comes rolling up the fairway yelling at us about hitting their ball back at them. My...
Maybe they got taken off the endangered list too soon. They steal my ball and I'm going after it with my driver. I hear eagle tastes like chicken.
I have both and the pull cart stays in the garage now. The pull cart puts a strain on my elbows. I already have golfers elbow and tennis elbow (both inside and outside of elbows hurt). So a pull cart makes them worse. It's push cart only for me now.
I always get the small bucket. I work on swing fundamentals mostly. If it's before the round, It's mostly working on loosening up my joints. I mostly work on the short irons. Actually all of mine are "short". I make sure I take proper divots. I work on tempo, keeping my head still, shifting weight, lag etc. At the end, I work on hitting my driver. I work on shaping the driver left and right. If I drive the ball well, I score well.
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