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I'm in for sure...I have no problem carrying my own clubs but will probably opt for a caddie if that's what the majority does.
thanks @Jakester23. .. I have the same phone... I will make a video like that next time. Do u just take a video with your camcorder or do you use an app? I do appreciate everyone's help so far. My game has been pretty stagnant lately and I do hope this will improve my game a bit... optimistically hoping before Erin Hills!
wow that is a significant shift I have. That video was taken last year and I've been trying to focus on keeping a still head. I don't know if I am cause I haven't filmed myself since. But where my miss was a slice or fade or push..its now a hook and my ball flight is a draw. I want to post a new video and get your guys' help if you could. Hopefully tomorrow... thnx alot!
I have the v 1 golf app that I used to post this video... it has slow motion but I don't know if I can embed it like that.
thanks alot... ya it seemed like everyone missed it Lol... but I've actually been tweaking my swing a bit on my own... seeing what works. I will post a new swing thread asap now that I have a someone to help me out a bit. Really appreciate it!
The 10th would work for me. I usually play from the championship tees at my home course, though it's considerably shorter than 7800 yds lol... I did play from the championship tees at the Irish course at Whistling and played very well overall considering. But it doesn't matter to me. I'm all about enjoying the experience.
I have to check my work schedule, but I'm certain 1 or 2 of those dates would work for me. If not, I could always move things around so I could get off whenever we decide to go.
I played for money as a 20 plus handicapper against single digit guys. Obviously I never won. I guess I'm a sucker, but I always figured I'd have one of those days where everything fell in place. But I voted yes.. money always makes competition a lot more interesting for me
Hi. I've been on this site for a bit now, but I very rarely involve myself in thread conversation, which I do plan on doing more. Anyways I'm from Wisconsin, and planned on playing Erin Hills last year, but no I knew one had the time or money to go with me. If you guys are comfortable with meeting new people, then this proposition does interest me.
New Posts  All Forums: