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I'll play whatever tees... im not a great golfer but I have pretty good distance. It helps when my 6 and 7 I irons are considered most people's long irons..lol... I played the blacks at the Irish course at Whistling... like I said... im there for the experience... doesn't matter to me!
I would love to come down sunday and play a round also... ultimately it's up to the wife... she already is a little upset that I'm paying 250 bucks for 18 holes of golf at Erin Hills... so it'll take some convincing...
Anywhere I can rest my head for a reasonable price would suffice. I have no problem sharing a room or staying at @cipher parents condo.
So if we do decide to come sunday... where will we be staying overnight? Is there a motel/hotel nearby?
OK cool. I live in Kaukauna now.. about 15 mins south of Green Bay... I'm from Mikwaukee... I lived in North Prairie for about a year also
Totally off topic... but where in Wisconsin are you Jakester23 and cipher from?
I can't wait to play this course! Good thing I have a few months cause my game is in shambles right now... lots of winter rust has to be knocked off. This hole looks like it could really throw some salt in the wound of a potentially really rough day of golf lol
I'm in for sure...I have no problem carrying my own clubs but will probably opt for a caddie if that's what the majority does.
thanks @Jakester23. .. I have the same phone... I will make a video like that next time. Do u just take a video with your camcorder or do you use an app? I do appreciate everyone's help so far. My game has been pretty stagnant lately and I do hope this will improve my game a bit... optimistically hoping before Erin Hills!
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