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I tend to be a hooker also, its usually caused by  not leading the shot with your body and letting your hands pass which closes the face, if you are also a little over the top this can cause a pull fade with your woods  and a pull hook with the shorter clubs.
Thanks, I went to Golfsmith and got fitted, tried several different irons and settled on the apex irons, they do have offset which I am not used to but they felt great and the numbers were great also, they didn't seem to increase a hook so I took the plunge. They should be in in about  2 weeks. I hope they work as good as they felt on the indoor simulator.
thanks for the info, went to Golfsmith and hit the Apex irons with the offset  they felt great and seemed to hook less that my gamers. Set up a fitting for Friday.  Seemed like I set up with the ball a little back in my stance to compensate, but they felt great.
I am looking to buy new irons this season. currently playing with Macgregor JNPs reshafted with Nippon shafts. I have been using the same irons for over 20 years and think my swing could use a little more help than these irons give me. My dilemma is that my miss is a pull hook. I know that it is fundamentally a swing error (a little bit of a flip) that I am working on. That being said I don't want to exasperate my problem but the idea that offset promotes a hook is not an...
from Long Island, snow forecast for this weekend going out of my mind
Shot about 200 balls out into the snow,  maybe 100 good. Need to see grass going nuts with all this snow.
What about the Mizuno JPX line,
Gaming an older cobra driver, need a new one (like the new Callaway big bertha alpha) 3 and 5 wood Adams irons- Macgregor JNPs 3- pw reshafted Nippon 1050gh Volke  52 and 58 putter ping nome adjustable
A lot this winter. Retired in October and am stuck in the house going nuts. Just got another 12 inches of snow yuck!! feel like ill never play again.
there will always be different skill levels and I would assume that you would still be better and faster  even with bigger holes and balls.
New Posts  All Forums: