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Cheers chasm your info is much appreciated, I will def try these things out
Thank you for the information guys. The two good tee shots I had I had the tee quite high. I will keep experimenting to see whats best for me
Hey guys. I usually hit a 6 or 7 iron from the tee as I cant hit woods, but today I tried using my hybrid from the tee. I used it four times. First two tee shots were great. The second two shots were daisy cutters. How high should I have the tee and where in my stance should I hit the hybrid? I struggle to get it in the air. Cheers
I posted the exact same thing last week pal. I am having the exact same issues. I feel your pain but at the moment I can not offer any advice I'm afraid. Good luck
I think it will be a long and hard road for me to get to the level of golf I want too, but I am up for it  ;)
I posted a video of my swing up and took on board the tips some of the guys gave me. I shot 119 in my previous round. I went out for a round yesterday with some work colleagues who are far better than me and tried to work on my posture and shot a round of 112. I played ok apart from three 9s which ruined my card. My main problem is off the tee. Only good tee shot I hit all day was on the 18th lol typical. Inconsistency and getting height in my shots are still a major...
Thank you Gerald. No I have never had a lesson it def shows eh haha. I will def look into getting a lesson. Thank you for your help ;)
Thank you iacas ;)
I can't find the very big posture thread. I will def work on what you are saying tho
Thank you pal. I weight train and sometimes wonder if this is a disadvantage to me golf wise??? Noticed straight away that I was bending down on my swing. Thank you for your tips I will def look into what you have posted. Thank you for taking the time to look at my swing. I will also try and get a face on view video. Cheers
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