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This is a superb post. The main issue in my game is time, or lack of! That and putting. Oh, and fairway woods. And alignment. I could be here all week
Being Scottish we are a decent reference point for sweaters! I have a really good Callaway half zipper that is really warm, comfortable and moves freely. If buying on line, bear in mind that Callaway seem to make their clothing a size too big! Agree with the poster mentioning Galvin Green, but Mizuno for me also manufacture some top quality outerwear. Try it on first though. I also have a DryJoys rainsuit that has served me very well. Worth remembering too that you do...
Exactly what I was about to post. Try just keeping the ball a couple of inches further forward because it sounds to me like you have an unsteady stance and your body is moving slightly prior to impact.A couple of hours at the range and going back to basics will sort you out. I had a similar issue a couple of years ago and £35 later and an hour with a pro and my errors had shifted to something else! :D
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