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I was wondering if there's any way to find out what courses these apps cover without buying it first
Cheers i'l check it out, from other reviews i've read, it seems to do everything they say it will and is very forgiving, which is something 'im looking for.
probably just the originals unless stage, purely for the pricing, unless there's any major advantages to the 2.0 series
Anyone's thoughts on this club, was considering testing it, just wondered what people think about it
Hi. I'm Blair from Auckland New Zealand, I have played on and off since I was a kid, but haven't played regularly in about 8-10 years, 25 handicap at the moment hoping to get that down this year. I asked around and a few people said this was the best place to get advice and help, so I thought I'd join up, hopefully I can give a bit of advice and give a bit with my limited knowledge too. Cheers guys and girls, happy Wednesday
Hi everyone, just starting to play regularly again after a good 10 years off, just wondering what peoples ideas thoughts are on the what clubs I should carry in my bag as as basically a beginner Thanks folks all thoughts appreciated
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