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like them. my wife is a manager for coke here in texas. be a cool wall hanger in the man cave
a white belt? a golf related hat?   Is this a must to be a real golfer?     Be respectful Turn the phone on vibrate No music on the phone Repair ball marks/divots Pick broken t Don't drag your feet   I too use those broken t for other shots that I don't use a driver on
Kind of loud. maybe
Ping 25 TM R1 Driver Ping 25 4 FW Hogan Belly Putter Wilson TE 60* TM Hybrid 3   about1200-1500
I normally carry my 7 iron 150-165
Cannon Gate @ Magnolia Creek Wind Gusts to 40 mph Rain Cold   Hit the ball pretty good but wind and rain tore me up. 9 over on the front Didn't finish the back 9. Went in and had a drink and a stogie.
I mix granola, nuts and make my own trail mix, Beef jerky, and a banana. cold is the key.
I have 4-5 buds that play weekly. So this app would be interesting for sure. I think it is a great idea
How? I don't see any that I like. Nothing catches my eye like other shoe makers.
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