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My favorite food is Jamaican ever since I lived there.   I'd serve my wife's curried chicken with rice & beans, sweet plantains, salad and coconut ice cream for dessert.
I want to know where the Masters champion goes to dinner after he wins? Bubba probably goes to Burger King. Since he won, he blows a little exttra money and gets the Double Whopper.   Seriously, I would like to know what various pros did after they won.
Bubba just hit his drive behind a tree. He'll probably hit some miracle shot and we'll have to hear about it for hours. I don't know why I can't get behind him. Just something about his personality that bumps me in the wrong direction.
Tiger just shot 66, the lowest round of the week to play his way back into contention. Tomorrow might be interesting.   I haven't been to the tournament at Doral since it was the Doral Eastern Open. That's probably before most of you were born, but then I admit I'm an old stinker. I'm supposed to go tomorrow with 2 of the teaching pros from the golf course where I work for my part time retirement job.   The weather tomorrow is in question. It should be nice, but the...
Congratulations on your new baby!!! I have it on good authority that a nw baby is better than a 145 yd 8 iron out of the bunker.
Is "UGLY" a number?   I played Friday with an old friend who came back to town to visit. I've been ailing a bit with some injuries, aches and pains and not playing recently. It was great fun to be with my buddy again, but there wasn't enough ibuprofen in the world to help me afterwards. Wow, when did I get old?
Kieran123 - You're obviously looking at so many significant lifestyle changes. Just don't let less golf be one of them. Somewhere, there is a touchstone where you relieve stress. Golf is good for that. And congratulate on the engagement and new home.
I played 9 holes on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. None of it was particularly memorable since I'm trying to work on a new move away from the ball that will put me in a more consistent position with a shorter backswing. It's not comfortable yet, but I hit some really good shots and some others that made me wonder why I couldn't keep a single thought in my head for the second it takes to swing the club.   I played with a friend from out of town who I see once a year, so it...
I think Jack Nicklaus proposed something like that years ago and his new golf ball line tends to adtertise their compressions in ways that are directed at skill levels. Growing up, I remember there were 3 balls from each manufacturer. Titleist, for example, had a red name and number for a low compression ball aimed at women to use. We used to use it in cold weather too. Their 90 compression ball for the masses was a black name and red number. Their 100 compression ball for...
Believe me, I understand. I'm retired and on a bit of a budget. I can play free because I work at the course, but if I didn't, I'd probably only play once a month or so. The alternative is to play what they call around here "Twilight Golf." After 2 PM, our rate goes down to $26. It includes a cart, but you aren't guaranteed to get in 18 holes and there are no rain checks. During the summer, it starts at 3 PM, but you have more time to get in a full 18 hole round if you can...
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