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Which course in northwest NJ? I've played a lot there.
It would be an interesting Reality show. Golfer:Tiger Woods Caddy: Steve Williams Coach: Butch Harmon Next door neighbor: Brandel Chamblee Other next door neighbor: Steven Ames Houseguest: Sergio Garcia Get them all together at the Vegas Perkins restaurant and it'll be golden.
I think pros swings are more efficient and produce longer distances that us. But frequently their clubs are lofts less. It's a combination. I could never hit the distance with the same loft, so it's incredibly impressive.
310 to the center of a drive able par 4. It all depends on the bounce since there is a dip in front of the green. Using the cart GPS I estimate my driver carry distance at max 275 so I hit before the dip and it bounced over it. Had 40 feet for eagle (the green is bigger than the first floor of my house). And I missed the eagle putt by inches.
This is one of those things where you have a couple of problems and you do something to head it off. You always need something that identifies your ball definitely. The situation above where two people have the same ball/number/etc, is unfortunate because if you don't know something for sure, you have to err on the side of biting you in the a$$. I do agree that all things being equal that from positions that close, you'll usually make the same score. But, even a...
What is the invalid part? And I ask because I really don't know, although I am looking up the rules on yellow staked holes.1 - that the drop area is on the other side?2 - that with a drop area you enforce hitting off the tee not being able to use it?Or both?I personally don't like this rule because whatever shot you hit there should not affect how you have to play the next shot. It's not like the drop zone is a bail out (it's not an easy shot to get on the green). ...
Big time. When I came through on the 18th tee, the patio was filled with a bunch of professional drinkers. Decided not to tell the pro shop....
I purchased my current woods without thinking about the adjustability. But I do find its worthwhile. I agree with people here that it's best to find what suits you best, get fitted and stick with it, But for some people , they will benefit. My driver is a 9.5 standard with adjustments to 8 degrees to 11. I lofted up to see what the difference was and it has helped my driving. I haven't lost distance. I believe that more loft on a club helps you hit it better, more...
Happened a lot where I caddied as a kid. If you hit right on the par 5 14th, you'd be on the 15th hole blocked by trees. The trees had a wide opening near the green which was adjacent to the 15th tee box. Lot of people hit a long shot towards that tee to have an easier time getting on in three. Best thing to do is point at the people after they let you hit in their fairway and let them know you are coming their way.
That happened to me three weeks ago. The guys was playing with left after nine to watch football. On 12 I made a hole-in-one. No witnesses.
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