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my 2 cents here... this book is great for shattering a couple of myths and it does give you something to change right away. I actually changed my set make-up based ok what I read and changed my plan on a few holes on my home course based on what I read. for me, the best thing about the book is that it gives you strategies to go out and play. after playing 10 rounds after reading I feel better about my planning and scoring, even with the occasional outlier that didn't...
it becomes a self fulfilling thing, but things like this are precisely why I won't go to a place like Dicks for anything other than generic sports clothes or equipment. I know plenty about equipment, but I still need someone knowledgeable to talk to before a purchase. I wouldn't think that I could drop in at Dicks precisely because you can't count on big companies to be steady and long term on anything. I know there was a pro at the local Dicks from several years ago,...
If he's a fake, he's pretty good at it. No one has caught him doing anything and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. I don't think he is.a fake. If he was, it'd be a disappointment. Not to derail things. But the thing that really disappointed me about Tiger wasn't the affairs, or how he handled things or anything in his personalt life. I couldn't stand that he was such a fake and pretending to be a certain type of person to make endorsement deals and shill for...
I voted no. I don't care how someone plays, and if I have plenty of time I don't even care if they are a little slow. I remember getting paired with really good golfers when I was not very good and I just made sure to not waste time. By and large they were mostly all very nice and didn't care how I played. Now that I am frequently the better play paired up with others I just don't care how other people play, I enjoy the company.
I have a pair of these and I won't use them when it's wet, although on a damp morning I did try them out on the practice green and they were ok. They didn't leave more than other shoes I own. I definitely would not do them when it's wet, sloppy conditions. Does anyone who owns them feel that they are narrower than other shoes? They gave me a couple of blisters, which I attribute to them pressing my toes together too much. Fortunately my feet are very stable...
Did a two hour practice session last year and my only glove fell apart. Did the rest without and haven't used one since. I keep one in my bag for a hot, humid day. Feels better without for me,
I live in Western PA, USA. Many courses sell bags of ice with 6 beers and both people in the cart get one. What a place to live.
There's a misconception that you have to be good to be at a reasonable pace. You don't, but you need to play smart. At any time you should be keeping pace up, and generally early morning golfers are people who either got up early to finish early or are more experienced and move quicker. Don't rush, but at any time don't hold people up unnecessarily.
Olde Stonewall is great. 20 minutes from my house. I really like Oak Tree, which is on the Ohio border in Middlesex.
Ask the cadie master or pro shop. They deal with guests all the time, so don't feel awkward. Or call ahead and ask so you can be prepared.
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