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It snowed this morning where I live.   The weather will be ok on Saturday.   But it's still crumby weather.   And I'm depressed!
That's nothing. I used to belong to a group called "Protesters against Protests". Every time we got together we'd break up and leave in under a minute. Weird.More seriously, I get the sense that these were not pros....
Whatever your politics are, it's got to be funny to think of the phrase "tree huggers".
Aw crap! Now I got to pay AARP dues as well?! Geez, next week I'll be yellin at kids to get off my lawn.next time anyone finds themselves with guys leering at the cart girl when it's not age appropriate just remind them that instead of ogling a woman that is less than half your age, find yourself a nice looking cougar and be respectable. :)
Guys, this is getting silly. Anyone who has their tin foil hat on tight enough has received the messages. The real Tiger is working with Elvis to finally prove that the moon landing was faked. I believe JFK and the ghost of Colonel Sanders might be involved as well. When that comes out, the fake chip yips and back problems will all be better.
If a tree falls down that Donald cut down in a forest, does the wind blow his wig off?
I just turned 40 so I guess I'm starting to get into the middle aged category.   I'd peg the middle aged as the most vile of any demographic.  Where I play I don't see much direct flirting or attempts at pelvic sorcery when the cart girls are there.   But the comments after they leave are pretty rude sometimes.   A lot of people don't say anything, but some people need to get a grip (pun probably intended).   Nothing wrong with appreciating a nice looking lady, but...
I agree with the answers that the club makers at Nike will make whatever he wants.   I think he took a long time to switch to a Nike putter.  probably took a long time to get one right for him.   Besides Nike initially built their golf business around him.   I'm sure there is a lot of what he likes in their product lines.
At least Trump isn't involved.       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Forbes_(farmer)
I keep a dozen in the bag.   My home course has very few people who use the same ball for an entire round.  It has OB, water and dense trees on every hole.   I've done 16 holes on one ball, not 18.   Good day I use 2-3.   Bad day it can be 8-10.
New Posts  All Forums: