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Very thrown off if I don't have one tree, one ball marker (Spider-man) and my ball mark repairer in my right front pockets. No ball in my pockets except a spare in my back pocket. Mainly because it can make too much noise with too much stuff in my pocket. but it bugs me if I pick up something else.
True enough.   I do have a plan B worked out.   Our town pool is huge and very nice.   We never went since we've been members since the kids were born and we got the club pool for free as part of the membership.   We already don't eat there, at least for now.   The replacement golf place would be a little less for the dues, but would not have the tournaments or social aspect.   It's a very nice public course, but I could book before the general public.  Bonus is no cart fees.
I voted few strokes higher.   I find it helps on shorter putts because you can be firmer and not worry as much.   However like most people I have plenty of 20+ putts, and it's hard to hit it hard enough or adjust to take advantage.   Greens with a lot of break too will mess you up since you have to hit it harder, but you should play less break if you do so.   So it's more an adjustment thing for me, and not doing it well.
 I suppose as long as they don't start urinating in my locker it can't be worse than flat out ignoring me now.   If someone tells them to enforce xyz rules and they hate me, but it makes it better for me and my family then it's worth it.   They are in the hospitality business, so you'd have to be pretty bad to take a mean route.   Whether I get what I want, or not, I have been respectful.   And I'm sure they are respectful to people they don't like.   There are plenty...
I have a hole like this on my home course.   It's a par 5, massive downhill to a landing area from the tee.   Then a lake.   Then more fairway and the green.   It's 360 to the lake off the tee and you get 80-100 yards from the downhill, so a lot of people don't hit driver.   We have a local rule that states if you hit into the lake (it's yellow) off the tee, you cannot go to the drop area on the other side.   However, if your second (or higher) shot goes into the water,...
I forgot to add above that yes, I do understand that it's easy to let the negatives rack up.   To get to this point it's been a number of things, and I might just clash with that culture.   I do try and not let things bother me.   One of the people who almost hit me with a club was my neighbor and we still get along... Thanks for the advice.  Appreciated.  
I'd like the ability to report someone who breaks the rules, but we don't have that.   For people who throw tantrums or have a bad attitude, I don't think that's the appropriate place.   People will avoid people who are a pain.    I'm talking about people who abuse the place or really cause a disruption.  The main reason I made a big complaint now was precisely because rules were being broken and it affected my kids (at the pool in this situation).   I took it up with the...
Thanks everyone for the responses.   Talked it over with my wife and we both feel that anything negative that happens there is going to set me/us off, so we are going to see what the places says after we submitted our comments, talk to a couple people that we've met and decide where to go with this over the next few weeks.   While I probably look back at where I caddied with rose colored glasses, I can see the shift in cultures between the two.  And if there is a next...
6 for me.   I had my career best two months ago at 4 over par.   There were 6 3s on the card.   3 pars and 3 birdies.   I know I've not done better than that before.   7 is a nice achievement!
I would say the payday.   He could injure himself tomorrow and have his career go down the tubes.   A birth is a defining moment in life.  But as the father of 2 kids, there are millions of memories and the security of being able to provide no matter what is extremely important as well.
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