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@newtogolf - thanks for posting that. That is very interesting indeed. I don't know if it's ingenious that a number of companies have produced good balls despite the patent issues, or that they have to add that to their cost and work around it.
To be fair, Jenkins is kind of trolling, which is what we got side-lined by here.I'm a big fan of satire, political or otherwise and thought the fictional interview wasn't that bad since I assumed that Golf Digest isn't going to let him say something that would be over the top, yet funny, even in a mean way. If you are going to pull that, I guess leave it to SNL. But how different is Jenkins being than "Jack is Best"?I can see objectively why people might criticize TW. ...
I wasn't aware that Callaway sued Titlelist.  I thought it was the other way around, interesting. Shame so many older brands became shells of their former selves.   
 But unless he starts posting things other than random, derogatory comments...don't feed the troll.   Got a gripe with Tiger Woods, fine.   Present your case and add to the discussion so other people can discuss as well.   
I notice that the Snell ball is not on the list in the blog, and I think that's significant here.   Someone as deep in the R&D and knowing what the current state of patents are probably would avoid this kind of problem.   I don't know the owners/people involved in the other companies, however this kind of stuff really gets on my nerves after awhile.  It's worse in the Tech business (my industry) though.  Patents are a mess though.   You have to go to court to get one...
Snicker...  LOL!
Pretty much sums it up.   All I would add is that depending on where you play, the greens  may be inconsistent this time of year.   Mine are not terribly fast, but have a lot of undulation so they play fast.   Slow greens in April/May == lot of three putts because I couldn't adjust well enough.   Once they got smoother, the three putts went away. It'll come around.
Someone needs to reserve "Hogan is Best" before Jenkins' great, great grandchildren teach him to use the tubes and wires of the Internet.  Be funny to find him doing that.   That said, competition was tough in any era.   Jack wasn't exactly racking up wins playing secondary tour stops and he beat some stiff competition.   The fact is that on any given day, the lowest ranked player in the field can get hot and take you out.  Overall the fields are deeper talent these...
I think that says more about him than you Shorty. For the record I think we have a very big variety and spread on opinions here. While you can find fights and jerks anywhere, I find the level of discourse here better than most
Yes, I know.   And it's probably the same amount of accuracy as the Daily Mail.
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