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My only complaint about those courses was a par 3 on one of them that had a 40 yard long green, was as narrow as my mother-in-law's mind and had three tiers. Otherwise, nice nice golf.
I've been that person. Very sad. Did I play with you when I was on the RTJ trail?
Private clubs really have different issues with it. A lot of people who shouldn't be slow, are slower than molasses uphill at mine and there are no repercussions. I don't blame the people who work there, why make trouble with someone who will happily give you trouble back?
I think the point of the PGA leading by example is that they don't waste time because it sets a bad example.   People think that they need the extra deliberation or time to make the right decision or get ready for a shot.   Not everyone is quick, but you can be silly and take up time.   Hey if you have two practice swings and hover over the ball for 15 seconds, if you play ready golf and don't look at each putt from four angles you'll be fine.   It's one of many problems...
I agree with that. I meant round to round. I'd prefer some variance between rounds and don't always want them as fast as possible every time.
And divots.  Where I play there are a lot of forced landing areas because the fairways narrow up.   So that means a lot of areas with a ton of divots and I'd say I hit one, once every couple of rounds.   Seeing huge tracts of land ten feet in front of an unfilled divot is just idiocy.   We have 2 sand containers on every cart and the ground is kept nice enough usually to not shatter divots all over the place.
But surely sub-standard doesn't have to mean slow.   I'd prefer to not play "slow", although that is going to mean different things to different people.   My greens have a lot of slope on them.   If they ran them as fast as they could, they'd be unplayable.   I'd prefer to have some variance in them so that it forces me to adapt my putting.
I live in pittsburgh as well. All I can say is "Yins is correct ". It's an obsession all over the place though, when I think the focus should be on the overall layout. I can see running the greens faster for an event. I can't see why people would want them super fast all the time. Little variety is nice.
6). Make sure your $5 Nassau is the more important thing in the universe by going over every shot, before and after the swing, for your partner. And the other team does the same. Used to golf with people on weekday mornings and teeing off by 8:15 wouldn't ensure I was done by 1pm for work. 7). Telling me if I keep working at my game, I'll get better. When I a beating you by 4 strokes a side...
I'm tired of hearing about it when it's lip service. Whether from the PGA tour, who don't really do squat about it; or the USGA who set their US Open course like a death trap meaning it's dog slow. Overall, all I hear is "It's a problem". What is actually said to make it better? Do they air commercials making fun of people for plumb bobbing like pros while people are waiting behind them, or some hack taking 20 practice swings with a message you don't have to be good...
New Posts  All Forums: