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I find that I get approx one extra club from teeing it up. I tee it up higher and feel like I catch it nicely on the upswing and it goes further. I do have "perfect contact" shots from the fairway roughly the same distance as teed up. But I feel that a tee is 1/2 to a full iron longer than off the deck. I feel the effect is minimized the short the iron. For example I hit my 5-iron in the 185-190 range off the fairway. Using GPS cart to ball mark in the fairway I...
I couldn't break 100 at my home course when I joined. I put off lessons for too long. 4-5 lessons in the past three years have put me at the point where I am low 89s in a good day and severely limited bad rounds. Cut my handicap in half. Should have done it when I first joined. I don't like asking other people for help in general, but the lessons here made a believer out of me
Bag. titleist carry bag. $200 Driver,3-wood,4-wood and hybrid (all titleist 913 off eBay). $400 Mizuno 3-PW MP 69s $800 Titleist Vokey wedges 50,56,60,64. With modifications $800 Cameron Newport putter with modifications. $600 That's a superset of everything that can be out with me due to the 14 club rule I change up once in a while. So it's pushing $3000. Took me 3 years to put everything together. I love the new bag but the old one kept collapsing on me. I...
Her calf muscles probably flipped the rest of her the bird and refused to get it of bed the next day.
My kegel muscles?
You mean getting pulled around by a boat is less than taking a 12 on a long, uphill par 5 when walking? I mean that Fonzie guy made it look so effortless.
85 on my slope 143 death-trap.   two doubles and putted very well.   index coming down way too much for the club championship next month.   oh well.
I guess I need to sell my clubs and take up water skiing.  Same level of activity according to this chart, but much cooler.   I need a magazine to tell me what is cool so I can do it.  As well as make sure to buy the $1000 sweaters and jeans that are in every issue.   I don't need to eat.  I need to look cool and do cool activities.
I got 10 right.   I missed #3 and #7, both of which had harsher consequences than I thought.
Probably similar to Hogan. At his best, there was no one better. Hogan was phenomenal player and got three legs of the grand slam. Tiger was, for a long time, unquestionably the best. If he stays at 14 he will still be regarded the best of his time, arguably (because it's subjective) the best of all time.
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