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I voted yes. Not that it's a terrible thing for golfers, although I find some companies product offerings confusing because they release too many and too often. However, it's not serving the golf industry any good by having more product. Also it doesn't help your company by producing too many competing products. With the separate R&D, manufacturing and book keeping on multiple product lines, it's more overhead. I prefer Titleist's approach of put a lot of work into a...
I started the year at 11.5 and committed to working harder this year and not bailing out and doing the wrong thing because my old habits were easier. I struggled a bit and went up to 13.5 as a high before starting to go down. When the new handicaps post I will be a 9.5 and have had a number of long stretches during a round where I am even par or +/- 1. Those stretches are definite improvements. My scores are going lower, but more importantly my high scores are much...
For $100 you can order a "Butch Harmon". But then it gets weird. You eat some of it, send it back. Then everyone at your table says you should go get it because you'll never have a better steak. But you can't get it, and have to settle for a meatloaf from a sous chef.
Not sure if I can dig one up that shows it. At least two holes have this pattern though. There is an area that has water in it to the right of the green. It is a small pond/brook with a drainage area and virtually no way to play the ball from there. This water and drainage is even with the green and extends back towards the tee for approx 20 yards. Past 20 yards there is nothing but brush grass where a ball may or may not be findable. It is usually cut back once or...
So I have a question. There are a couple of holes in my home course where the is either drainage or some type of water in an area on one side of the hole. However the hazard lines are approx 150-200 yards along the side of the hole away from where the water is, in unmaintained areas. Does the meet the criteria of a LWH?
Around where I live (and I'm sure everywhere else), there are complaints of groups who are either really, really good and cleanup scrambles by lying about their handicaps or are blatantly lying about score. They will walk away with $1000 for this, for a weekend, and it's really annoying to some people. But it's not confined the scrambles! Where I caddied there was a best ball, 4 ball tourney and one year a group of newer members with handicaps from 20-34 won and it was...
I gave up a glove a couple of years ago and haven't used one since. When my hands start to slip I stick them in the club washer on my cart, or on the wet towel I carry and then completely dry them off. Depending on the weather I might have to do this 1-2 times per round or every other hole. If you consider ditching the glove entirely, doing that to get the sweat and oil off your hands can work
4 pair in the rotation and a pair of golf sandals. I try and rotate so that I get 3 years out of each pair.
That's a really neat course. I try and get there once per year. Interesting layout. Starts out with some short par 4s and then gets longer after that. Anyone in the area who hasn't tried it should give it a look.
I see too many models of TM clubs in peoples' bags. I know their product lines and know that most of what I am seeing is 0-3 years old and there are so many different products that it's really ridiculous to have that much product. They are good clubs, don't get me wrong. But entirely too many product lines for the golf market. Titleist = Apple and TaylorMade = Windows.
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