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Somewhere Steve Elkington is sighing and thinking "Finally the Spotlight is off me..."
And that is what is a shame about so many women who have their breasts done. They do it in situations where it gains them attention or acceptance from others. There's nothing wrong with using plastic surgery to enhance yourself. Life is short and you should be happy with yourself. However women (and men) should do it for themselves, not for others.I'll bet she looked better then as well. She is pretty, but a little overdone for me too.
I have two toddlers as well and have a very lucky arrangement. I can shift one day at work to have a free morning and I go play then in season. Then my wife and I basically split our weekends in 4 parts. One for me, one for her and two for the kids so that we do a lot with them and get some time to do things we want. So I get to usually play twice per week in season which is very lucky. My wife and I also resolved to get into shape. It's perfectly acceptable where...
I'm not sure I've ever looked high enough on Holly to see her face. Does she have a pretty face?
The airplane reference was the only thing I understood. Maybe I'm wrong and it wasn't a reference....scary. Oh, and Leon's getting larger!
The earlier comments about "he knew the risks" is a satire line from Airplane! Intended to be tongue in cheek. Too bad Westwood wasn't there to help Allenby in Hawaii....
Allenby has hired someone to investigate. It'll be over soon.
I hire a shirpa to lug around a bad of sand for me and use that to make a small mound and place my ball on it to tee off. More authentic and retro that way. Using a wooden tee is very, very passé.
I would say its both, but the weight is on practice to get the muscle memory and grooving a swing. Losing or having confidence can greatly vary how well you play. But having the repetitions so that you are comfortable with your swing is more important to me. I never had days where mindset allowed me to shoot lights out. But once I took lessons and took up a practice schedule my days with a bad mindset were less bad and when I was full of confidence I can shoot a lot...
Good one! :)At the time I thought that the Boulder incident was legal but not really in the spirit of the rules. Then I remembered that the rules are not there to punish you, but to help you. Tiger getting help from the people in the gallery is no different than a situation where you get relief or end up improving your situation.I'll bet if it had been any random pro that that happened to, the people would have done the same for them. I think the difference is that...
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