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I would say experiment and find what type of shot you play most consistently. If you are hitting to within 50 yards from the tee, I would presume you are going from the fairway and at least most of the time there will not be any sand or water  between you and the green. You could try just clipping with a low iron, just a little more lift than on a putt with the backswing.  You could try a short punch with an 8 iron, or carry most of the way with a standard 48 wedge. for me...
Guys name  is James Connolly, was working out of Mearns Castle at the time but he's not there anymore.   Thanks everybody for suggestions and help.   If you're out at the weekend hope you hae a guid yin   DAVY    Hope I'm replying in correct order (haven't done so before).
Hi    Just joined ST and very much enjoying the various threads and posts.  ST contributors are clearly very knowledgeable and fanatical about their  golf.    With the golf season just around the corner in Scotland I am  hoping to take advantage of this by asking if anybody knows if there is a list of accredited teaching pros in the UK. I got lessons off a guy about 5 years ago in Glasgow area who sorted me out big time. Although I have lost his contact details, I...
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