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I voted No.  The U.S. Open is the #1 most prestigious golf event on the continent (sorry, Masters).  They (CB management and the USGA staff) screwed up spectator access, course routing, and greens conditions, to name just a few things.  They should not be afforded a second chance, when there are plenty of other deserving courses out there waiting for their first shot.  Nobody should be given a U.S. Open until after they have proven themselves with regular tour events...
 I have observed much the same thing.   In my home town (Erie, PA), very few courses have ever used Golf Now, and very few courses have adopted their own online booking system, but I do not think we are typical. In the various larger cities and resort areas I travel to and look to play some golf, GolfNow seemed to have pretty good market penetration a couple years ago, but now they have several copycat competitors, and many of the courses are offering similar deals on...
Jimmy Walker                                                 The two-time champ has withdrawn from the tournament.      Apparently his right glute wasn't firing properly - must be the wallet was too heavy.
Football and basketball have problems with players faking injuries.  In some cases, players may lie down for a bit to try to break the momentum of the other team, in other cases it might be to give their own teammates a breather.  Now obviously, football and basketball are almost nothing like golf, they being team competitions waged against a clock.   In football at least (I don't know about basketball), they have a rule that the "injured" player causing the official...
That was back when the tournament was played at the La Cantera Resort Course, if I recall correctly.  That was the one with the amusement park roller coaster in the background on number 7.  I played there a couple times, a very fun, quirky course, but way too short for today's pros, conditions were middling due to heavy resort play, and the routing was very difficult for spectators.
Actually, the most famous questionable incident with Ernie was the 1994 Open at Oakmont CC, where he asked an official for, and received (incorrectly as it turned out) relief from a TV crane truck in his line of play.  His reasoning was that the crane was immovable, but it drove away a few minutes later after the last pairing had gone through.  He could not have known at the time, and obviously the official didn't know either, that the crane had been lowered several times...
If I recall correctly, withdrawing from a tournament mid-round makes you ineligible for the Vardon trophy.  That is the season-long award for lowest average score.  Not sure if there is a cash prize or just a trophy.  Of course, there are probably only about 20 pros who have a realistic chance at this.  Would not be any kind of a deterrent for the rest of the field.
I am curious, does anyone know if GolfNow also charges the golf courses a cut of the rates they collect from us?  Obviously, they need to make money to stay in business, but I'm not sure I like the idea of double dipping.  And as has been mentioned previously, I think the fee disclosure comes a little too late in the booking process, does feel a bit like bait-and-switch.
Masters - Rory McIlroy   U.S.Open - Phil Mickelson (finally!)   The Open Championship at St. Andrews - John Daly   PGA - no selection, my magic wand just exploded after the last pick.
Also very fortunate that she had one of the world's top 5 EMT's in the room when it happened.     Best wishes for a full recovery.
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