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I am curious, does anyone know if GolfNow also charges the golf courses a cut of the rates they collect from us?  Obviously, they need to make money to stay in business, but I'm not sure I like the idea of double dipping.  And as has been mentioned previously, I think the fee disclosure comes a little too late in the booking process, does feel a bit like bait-and-switch.
Masters - Rory McIlroy   U.S.Open - Phil Mickelson (finally!)   The Open Championship at St. Andrews - John Daly   PGA - no selection, my magic wand just exploded after the last pick.
Also very fortunate that she had one of the world's top 5 EMT's in the room when it happened.     Best wishes for a full recovery.
I have not played Waldorf, but I have found FF to be a rather bland, mediocre course in just average conditioning.   My recommendation would be to go back to Orange Co. National and play Crooked Cat.  Great fun, challenging layout, and when I was last there in late October, conditions were excellent.
Erik, You are correct and thorough in your analysis, although your sarcasm meter may be slightly out of calibration. As you noted, celebrity golf course architects without landscape architecture degrees or equivalent practical experience are unlikely to create a world class course, unless they surround themselves with expert advisers, engineers, and contractors, and they commit to LISTENING TO THEM. Tiger, with his career-long revolving door of managers, coaches, caddies,...
As an architect myself, I find the concept that "Tiger Woods the pro golfer is qualified to design a world class golf course" to be only slightly less ludicrous than the idea that "Jim Kelly the quarterback is qualified to design the new Buffalo Bills stadium."   Arnie, Jack, etc. all partnered with established architects for their early course efforts, most of which were still quite pedestrian layouts.  It will take many years of mediocre results before Tiger "designs"...
OP, could you please tell me which course this is on, SO I CAN AVOID IT!!!   IMHO, a course with holes as poorly designed as this one is not deserving of my business, when there are so many other well designed and reasonably priced courses in the Cleveland area.   Interior OB's have been discussed ad nauseum, and are nearly always a lousy solution to a problem that shouldn't exist.   As for answering your original question, you obviously are a student of equipment...
Not according to Yogi!
The first rule of putting:   99% of putts left short don't go in!
From a mathematical standpoint, 100% would be absolute: as fast and hard as you can possibly swing regardless of the results.  No competent pro would ever send you there.   From a more practical standpoint, I would think 100% could be defined by as fast and hard as you can swing without losing balance or risking injury.  Obviously, a 100% swing with proper contact will yield maximum (100%) distance.  But only the rare few can maintain any kind of swing consistency at...
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