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Hi all,   Long time lurker, occasional poster (25 in 7 years?!).   When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed!   Figure I need to participate in this event, since I live only 1 mile from the course.   Current list is:   @iacas @mvmac @vasaribm @saevel25 @cipher @Jeremie Boop @Slice of Life @CarlSpackler @billchao @georgep @jamo @cedrictheo @Divot Master
Many years ago, I was a member at a very difficult course in northeast Ohio.  A group of us started an annual tournament over two weekends, one round from each of the four tee sets.  7500, 6800, 6300, and 5600 yards, if I recall correctly.  Most of us were in the 6-12 handicap range then, and we considered the 6800's our members' course.  There was a lot of skepticism beforehand, about how the shorter tee rounds would be boring or time wasted.  Everyone was singing a much...
In my opinion, the biggest impediment to success of the Play it Forward movement is all the courses out there that won't (or will claim they can't afford to) create a decent forward course.  A typical example, the public course I played yesterday.  Blue 6800, White 6400, and Red 5400.  Most holes, the Blue and White share a single tee box about 30 yards long.  The only other tee box is a postage stamp about 50 yards forward for the Reds.  A few years ago they decided to...
I have played more than a few courses that do this every weekend, ostensibly to help with pace of play.  Of course, the people who play there regularly end up with handicaps that are lower than they should be, and get crushed when they play anywhere else.
Agreed.  The most enjoyable tournaments I have attended were those where I had previously played the course:  Oakmont prior to the Women's open, and Oak Hill prior to the PGA.  It is very humbling to see the pros (even the women) routinely pull off shots I wouldn't even dream of attempting. Also, most courses look nearly flat on TV due to the widespread use of telephoto lenses up on towers and cranes, but in reality many of them are quite hilly.  Oakmont, Oak Hill,...
Unfortunately, the Thunder Hill course is for sale, did not operate in 2012, and its' future is unknown at this point.
Quail Hollow Resort (this may be what the previous poster was referring to) 20 miles east of Cleveland has a fun 36 holes, plus the terrific Little Mountain course is only 3 miles away.
Marketing tactics sounds a little bit like the old PGA Tour Partners Club resurrected.
I putted conventional for many years, then tried cross-handed about 15 years ago (thanks to Earl Woods) and liked it. About 10 years ago I was in a serious car accident and developed a lot of lower back issues. Went to a belly putter (still crosshanded), thought it would ease stresses on lower back. Found it worked well in 5-10 foot range, but never really felt comfortable on short putts, and it was less accurate on long putts. After a while I actually started...
I also prefer Panther Lake.  I find it to have a greater variety of unique hole designs, with lots of water hazards, sand, scenery, and elevation changes.  Crooked Cat has a lot of holes that play similarly, and only two strong water holes (12 & 13?).  I don't actually dislike the cat, but probably choose panther about 3 times to 1.  Wind is frequently strong at both, so if you aren't playing the correct tees for your game you will be destroyed.
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