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I guess there haven't been any more aces in the last seven years! None for me, but I almost had one playing in a high school tournament. It's a great story. Craziest tournament I've ever played. Not sure who's ridiculous idea it was to schedule it this way, but there were 200+ golfers on the course at once. Shotgun start with three foursomes on each hole. Hard to imagine, but it's true. To top it off, this tournament featured a long drive and closest to the pin contests,...
Slight derail When I was playing tournaments in high school, we all knew it was a stroke penalty to ask what club another player was hitting. Trying to help one another out and skirt the rules, we would say stuff like, "so how many balls did you find in the woods on the last hole? I found 6." Showing your club. "Oh, really. I only found 7. Maybe I should go find another."
I don't mind talking/asking about what club you or I just hit. That's part of normal golf conversation to me.
Someone once said the key to golf isn't to keep your head down, but to keep your head up. Don't let a bad hole (double bogey) turn into another. Have a short memory and stay in the zone. I've played my best golf with that strategy. When I get to the next tee after a bad hole I think to myself, "if I birdie this one, it will nearly eliminate that last catastrophe". You can't do that of you have all of your emotions tied up. This mental trick keeps me in check, and helps...
In my game, I found myself reaching plateaus that could only be overcome by focused practicing. I started playing in high school and soon after got a job at the course. After a year of three rounds a week and 100s of balls on the range, I was shooting consistently in the low 90s. I could only break that 90 mark occasionally. My family moved overseas for my senior year and I couldn't work at the course, and therefore, I couldn't afford to play as often as I had become...
The course that I play most often is an inner-city dog track where the holes are pretty close to one another. For the most part you get what you pay for, but I shouldn't be able to hear your conversation two holes over with the guy you're in the same cart with. Have some courtesy and shut the hell up when I'm trying to putt.
Na, I opted for all irons. This replaces my old eye2 clones, and I didn't want to stray too far from what I was used to.
A set of Ping G25s. 3-SW green dot +.5" stiff shafts   My employer treated me to a new set of irons for my year end bonus. Technically, I did not buy them, but I did hand over the money.
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