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I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver!  lets do this.   Phil Mickelson  -4 Ricky Fowler    -4 Rory Mcilroy    -4
+1 on Callawaypreowned.com  Clubs are practically new if not new.  Great customer service as well.
 He's actually pretty good, we usually play back tees or second to the backs.  We all shoot in the 80's
Just play your own game, not sure why people are worried about anything else.  If they want to "claim" they hit 300+ sure ok, whatever doesnt mess with my game.  Oh this thread reminded me of something.  I play with this guy who has a rule.  Dumb to me but he said regardless the distance on a par 3 he will never ever use a driver.  Ok get this, he hits his driver about 200 yards fairly straight, but when we go to say a 220 yard par 3 or anything over 200 he always pulls...
People lie because it makes them feel better.  I had a guy that always looks for his ball 100 yds further than where we located every time.  I dont feel the need to tell people what club i am hitting.  I just refer to the shots by yardages, for example hit your 165 yd club, rather than tell them i hit an 8 iron and yes i do hit my 8 iron that distance.  I have the below  laminated in my back pocket to remind me of my yardages on the course.  Yardages are measured with my...
 Correct, majotiry of my index comes from away courses.  Knowing the greens, knowing what to hit off the tee like a 3w as opposed to a driver etc.  If i were at other courses i would mostly let it fly and deal with the consequences later.  Playing my home course during tournaments i would play "safe".  I know i should be doing that all the time but i just dont.
my apologies to the first part of my post.  I was beginning to comment on someones post but forgot to finish nor delete it before writing the second one.
Tournament handicap sucks.  I play at my club so much so i know all the right places to hit off the tee and on the greens.  So my tournament handicap is real low t Well not in my case.  I play better at my course tournaments than other regular rounds. To me, i know where to hit or miss, where the breaks are on the greens etc.  I generally play better because i know the course.
Where in my post did i say we celebrated birdies? I said hole in one. Too me if my group got a birdie we would act liked we've been there and move onto the next hole. but a hole in one, i dont know anyone who wouldnt celebrate...
 Wow good example about sending a smoke signal......... NOT  So when is it ok to yell in a library?   The answer is when there is danger like a fire.  So if a golf ball is hit errantly aka the danger, it is ok to yell. 
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