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I saw that the G2 was 350, but I wasn't sure if the person before me had put some sort of adapter on the Speeder to make it fit. Like maybe the Speeder is a 335 with an adapter that could be removed to be a 335 again.
This is the shaft that comes with it stock
Well this is the shaft I currently have (old Speeder). Is it even worth the hassle of putting to into a Titleist 910 D2? Or is the Diamana 'ahina 72 by Mitsubishi just as good?
Hmmm. I'm not sure about the tip diameter I have. Are all of these models the the 335 diameter. Mine is an older version. It looks like the G2 fits a 350. Is there anyway to tell if my tip just has an adapter on it to make it 350? And if it does, will this be able to be removed to fit a 335 club? Thanks again for all the help.
Thanks for the response. I'm still confused though, I've seen shafts for sale that say "tipped for Titleist" etc. so I'm wondering if the tip of my shaft has been fitted for ping clubs or can it be used in other brands. Does that makes sense?
I currently have a Ping G2 driver with a Fujikara speeder shaft. I'm looking at getting a new driver and would love to get a Titleist 910/913. Would I be able to put this Fujikara in a Titleist or not?
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